Review: Grumpy Donuts (Sydney, NSW)

72 Pyrmont Bridge Road
Camperdown NSW 2050
+61 403 837 898

Okay, wow, the last time I blogged was an embarrassing three months ago. That’s almost as shameful as getting blind drunk at a work Christmas party and throwing up on the floor of the Hilton Hotel in Melbourne. Not that that’s ever happened to me, of course. No way.

Despite my best intentions to blog more regularly, I must admit that finding time to blog has been a struggle lately. Long work days, life admin, adopting two cats (yes, who would have thought) and having Netflix at home are to blame for not hopping on the laptop in the evening to get them blogging fingers typing for more than three months. In the end, it took a few mates in Melbourne to ask me why I stopped blogging (again) to make me think, ‘Right, I’m going to do this whole blogging thing again.’

So here it is: take fifty-five. Give or take a few digits.

Today I’d like to steer your attention away from the cricket (or shopping, whatever floats your boat on Boxing Day) to donuts. Sydney’s best donuts, to be exact… though I guess it depends who you speak to. Lately I’ve been craving a good ol’ fashioned jam doughnut. One that’s piping hot and fluffy, not like those horrible cake-y ones that are apparently in fashion right now. And one that was nothing like those rock-textured ones that are covered in Smarties or jabbed with a chocolate-filled syringe. Just a normal non-millennial-flavoured donut, the sort I used to enjoy as a kid.

A few good friends suggested trying Grumpy Donuts in Sydney’s inner-west so after a Saturday morning at Campos Newtown, Bean and I decided to walk west to Grumpy.

Inside Grumpy Donuts, Camperdown

It’s a simple concept: there are a handful of flavours on rotation, with a few seasonal variants thrown in to keep things interesting. Most people come in to buy boxes of donuts to take away, but there are a few seats for dine-in patrons. If you want coffee, they can make you one using Single O beans.

Each donut costs $3.50 to $5.50 each, depending on how fancy you want them. We bought two donuts: a maple glazed donut and vanilla glazed donut, $9 all up. The vanilla glazed donut was taken home to enjoy for supper – a big mistake as the icing pretty much melted by the time we got to it ten hours later – but we decided to enjoy the maple one on the spot.

Grumpy’s maple glazed donut

As far as donuts go, they were pretty good. Both were melt-in-your-mouth soft without being too dense – think Krispy Kreme but nicer and minus the bogans. The maple donut was coated in a delicious maple syrup and brown sugar icing and I’m sure if we got to the vanilla one before the icing melted, it would have been tasty too. Would we go back? Given the time it took us to get there from the other side of the harbour, probably not. They were nice but not the mind-blowing donuts we were expecting. If we lived in the inner west and Grumpy was within walking distance, then sure, absolutely. I guess our hunt for Sydney’s best donuts continues…