The Very Very Hungry Caterpillar

YES, this is yet another Melbourne food blog!

About The Authoress

I’m a Gold Coast-based writer/editor/journo (let’s face it, they’re essentially the same thing) who loves books, puppies, writing in a belligerent style and telling people that I WILL go to the gym tomorrow (and then not fulfilling that promise).

I also like to cook food, eat food and write about it. Hence, the reason why this blog exists.

This site covers Gold Coast and Brisbane restaurant reviews but it will also touch on Melbourne (the city I grew up in and where I spend a lot of weekends in) and Sydney (the city I used to make fun of when I used to live in Melbourne and where I also spend a lot of weekends in). I also cover a lot of cities around Asia, namely Jakarta (where a lot of my family live) and Singapore (not by choice but that’s another story for another time).

Every now and then, I’ll chuck in a recipe in the mix to confuse you lot.

Although this site aims to be an informative dining guide for you guys, please bear in mind that this blog is primarily for entertainment purposes and that my honest opinions should be taken with a grain of Himalayan sea salt. I am not a professional reviewer nor do I have affiliations with any of the restaurants in this site. I pay for my meals, unless explicitly stated at the beginning of each review. While I aim to combine past experiences and research when writing up my reviews, please note that I am bound to make some mistakes and say/do silly things (you should check out a lot of my old stuff – bloody hell, I was an embarrassing mess back then) so any feedback (send them to fivecaterpillars[at]gmail[dot]com, thanks) would be greatly appreciated.


Buon appetite!

xx Libby

PS. Media kit coming very soon to a theatre near you.