Review: Glebe Point Diner (Sydney, NSW)

407 Glebe Point Road
Glebe NSW 2037
+61 2 9660 2646

Until several months ago, I had never set foot in Glebe despite being a frequent visitor to Sydney. And now that I live here, Glebe isn’t exactly a suburb where I can grab a quick bite after work even though it’s only 3km from the city. The costs of owning a car in NSW are painful, so much so that we don’t have a car. But getting to Glebe via public transport from the other side of the harbour is almost an hour-long trek. Crazy, isn’t it? So you can see why I never travelled there in the past.

Funnily enough, I’ve spent more time in Glebe over the last two months that I have in my many years of travelling to Sydney. We made some friends in Berlin who were staying with relatives in Glebe over the summer, so we were often meeting them in Glebe. Bean has friends who moved there, so we spend quite a bit of time at the new-ish Tramsheds.

A few weekends ago, we happened to be in the area. I can’t remember why but we were in exercise gear and it was a warm day. We were trying to figure out where to go for lunch when Bean suggested we go to Glebe Point Diner. He’d been there a few years ago and liked it, but I’d never been before. They were open and just a few hundred metres from where we were standing (and panting) so it was a no brainer.

Glebe Point Diner is owned by Alex Kearns, who is also the executive chef. The concept is straightforward: simple food but done well – and with a twist. Your traditional Sunday roast, for example, could take in the form of an aromatic roasted cook with bread sauce, braised leeks and broad beans. The fish of the day may be a flathead jazzed up with some saltbush, sage and lemon. The beef tartare will often be served with chilli oil, crème fraiche, parmesan and rocket. It’s easy, no-fuss but effective. And while the restaurant itself is targeted towards locals, it’s not really a place you can rock up in your trackies – hence why we were a little apprehensive about arriving in workout gear. Thankfully, the staff here are friendly and chilled about it – and pretty much everything else.

The bar at Glebe Point Diner

The menu at Glebe Point Diner changes daily so what we had will most likely be different to what you’ll have if you end up visiting. This is annoying because I had a lovely meal and it pains me to write this, thinking that I’ll probably never have the housemade pappardelle with bottarga, pipis and chilli again. I love a good seafood pasta and this one completely nailed it for me. Each pasta strand was silky and luscious, coated with an aromatic mix of olive oil, garlic and parsley – and the slightest hint of chilli. The pipis were plump and fresh though I felt slightly jibbed when I saw that two of them were just empty shells.

Pappardelle with bottarga, pipis and chilli

Bean had the tagliata, or ‘Italian sliced steak.’ Although he made a comment about the dish having too much rocket (no issue for me as I ate them anyway), he loved his steak. Beautifully charred on the outside and juicy medium rare on the inside, it matched perfectly with the crispy fried potatoes and a light drizzle of olive oil.

Tagliata with potato, rocket and parmesan ($32)

If the commute from our place to Glebe wasn’t such a pain, we’d probably end up at Glebe Point Diner more often. We loved our dishes and while it’s a shame that we might not enjoy them again, I am nevertheless looking forward to trying another wonderful dish the next time we’re here. And with a glass of wine next time. (we didn’t this time because, you know, exercising.)

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