Review: Entrecote (Melbourne, VIC)

6 Alfred Place
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 3 9654 8184

So, I’m pretty bad at this ‘promising to blog more’ thing. One moment, I’m inspired to write and clear all my backlog; the next moment, I’m caught up in a this little thing called life and stuffing my face with honey mustard flavoured potato chips. A few of my friends suggested I shut down my blog if I’m not going to update it often – yet, I can’t. Not just yet. Let’s see if I can actually keep my promise this time around.

What’s been happening in my life?
– I’m now living in Berlin – and have been since last year but I neglected to mention it here.
– I’ll be back in Australia sometime this year. Which city? I’m keeping this one a secret…
– I’m now self-employed. The bulk of my days involve marketing and PR but I want to get back into writing, so I’m working on getting my copywriting business up and running.
– I’m working on a travel blog (details soon to come).

So now that you’re all up to date with my happenings, here’s a short review of Entrecote (city), the last place I visited in Melbourne during my last trip there.

While I was away Melbourne went crazy over Entrecote, a classic French bistro-style steak house. Melbourne may have its fair share of steak houses and French restaurants but a Parisian steak house that embraces all things fun and French? Nope. Entrecote opened its flagship restaurant on Domain Road in South Yarra before opening its second outlet in the city, which we visited for dinner on a Tuesday night.

Entrecote has a succinct menu of Hors d’Oeuvres, mains and sides – but it’s hard not to order their signature steak frites ($44.90), pictured rather badly below.

Steak frites ($44.90)
Steak frites ($44.90)

The steak frites dishes comprises of a grilled pastured fed Angus Porterhouse (mine was done medium rare) drizzled with a herb and butter sauce, and served with a soft leaves salad and bottomless frites. To be honest, I couldn’t see why this dish has been getting a lot of hype. Sure, it’s good but not that good – I’ve had much tastier steak elsewhere in Melbourne. This steak was a bit dry, kind of bland and the sauce didn’t really do much to elevate the meat’s natural flavours. Some might say that me living in Europe tarnished my opinion but I don’t think so – hell, I had a much better steak at Les Bubbles in Brisbane for only $34.95. Yes, BRISBANE. And that’s saying something.

I also sensed that our waiter wasn’t too thrilled that we didn’t order any alcohol. Now, I’m no teetotaller and I’m generally the first one to raise my hand for a glass (or two) of wine when I’m out having dinner. I was, however, T minus four hours from getting on a plane and doing a long haul trek to London; drinking wine before a long flight is definitely a no-no for me – and I told the waiter that, thinking that he’d totally get it but you can tell that he wasn’t pleased.

I’ve been told that the original Entrecote restaurant in South Yarra is a lot better but after my experience at the city restaurant, I’m reluctant to give Entrecote a second visit. After all, there are a crapload of other restaurants I want to check out in Melbourne and I’m fairly certain I won’t get the ‘look’ for saying no to the wine list.

I eat too much.


  1. Gary Lum
    March 16, 2017

    Hey, why the italicised capitals for Brisbane. My home town. A great place. Great weather, great people and good steaks at most pubs…
    I enjoyed reading your assessment of this place, it just sounds like you had steak and chips from a club.

  2. David
    April 8, 2017

    Enjoy reading your blog, keep it up!

    1. libishski
      July 5, 2017

      Thanks David! Slowly getting back into blogging. It’s tough but I’m going to make sure I stick to it!


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