Review: Addict Food and Coffee (Melbourne, VIC)

240-242 Johnston Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065

Hipsters, ridiculously low speed limits and vegans aside, Fitzroy is actually a pretty cool place to spend a morning in with your mates. And despite the fact that it was Easter Monday, a fistful of places were still open – an Easter miracle, even with penalty rates and all. On the corner of Gore and Johnston Streets lies Addict, yet another brunch place in Melbourne’s inner burbs. What’s slightly different about Addict, however, was the fact that we did not have to wait in line for a table nor was the menu another boring list of poached eggs/smashed avocados/$4 bacon permutations. In fact, a table for three was immediately vacant by the time we walked in (another Easter miracle, I reckon) so walked in and ordered our first coffees for the day.

Short macchiato ($4)
Short macchiato ($4)

Addict uses Market Lane’s seasonal blend for their white coffees, which included the short macchiato I ordered ($4). You can seriously never go wrong with Market Lane and the beautifully familiar blend of milk chocolate, stone fruit and caramel notes went down like a treat.

Sweet and savoury board ($18)
Sweet and savoury board ($18)

Our original plan was to just have a coffee at Addict, before venturing to lunch elsewhere. My friends already had breakfast but I was starving as I’d left the house on an empty stomach. That said, I’m not one to waste stomach space on boring breakfast fare so had Addict’s menu consist of the usual poached eggs/smashed avocado/$4 bacon rubbish, I would have held on for another hour or two. Thankfully, Addict’s menu was actually interesting enough to capture my attention – and keep it. I ordered their sweet and savoury board ($18), which came with crispy bacon, mushroom and tomato relish on toast on one side and coconut and chia pudding on the other side. The savoury bit did its job (and hey, who doesn’t like mushrooms and bacon?) but it was the coconut chia pudding that did it for me.

While one of my friends screwed his nose up when I offered him a bite (‘Sorry, you lost me at vegan and gluten-free’), my other friend enjoyed it – and so did I. I loved the smooth, silky pudding that had every mouthful accuented by crispy bits of puffed buckwheat. The fresh fruits – the last of summer’s bounty – added a refreshing touch, too.

I can definitely see myself visiting Addict again when I’m back in Melbourne. It’s got an interesting menu with lots of options to keep me entertained and the service is quick, friendly and to the point. Now, let’s hope they have the smoked snapper congee with puffed wild rice on the menu the next time I visit – with no poached eggs on the side, naturally.

I eat too much.


  1. Ohh I love this place – one of my favourite breakfast spots!! The sweet and savoury board looks like it might be a winner for my next visit!

    1. libishski
      April 21, 2016

      It’s great, isn’t it? I’m keen to try the rest of the menu – so many good options 🙂


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