Review: Genkotsu Ramen (Brisbane, QLD)

25/258 Warrigal Road
Runcorn QLD 4113
+61 416 292 167

Rather than just sticking within the inner city boundaries when I’m dining in Brisbane, I’m slowly familiarising myself with its suburbs. As clichéd as it sounds, they say you can find some real gems if you’re willing to drive out – and they’re right. If you’re a ramen fanatic like I am, then I strongly implore you to make your way down to Runcorn Plaza, where many locals like to line up every weekend for their fix at Genkotsu Ramen.

The line was at least 20 people deep when Peter and I arrived. And because the restaurant is very small, it’s impossible to fit everyone at once. True to efficient Japanese style though, the turnover here is super fast and we were seated within 15 minutes or so.

Chicken karaage ($6)
Chicken karaage ($6)

I wanted gyoza but Peter wanted fried chicken so karaage, it was. Each morsel was crispy and full of flavour.

Tsukemen ($12)
Tsukemen ($12)

Peter ordered the tsukemen and declared it one of the best he’s ever had, a good call from the Tsukemen King. $12 gave him a very generous serving of fat noodles and a plate heaped with chasiu, menma, soft-boiled egg and shavings of bonito. I tasted the cool broth and it had plenty of depth, with a lovely acidic burst shining through.

Original shoyu ($10)
Original shoyu ($10)

I ordered a shoyu ramen. While I expected something a bit lighter than the soy-laced milky tonkotsu I received, I definitely wasn’t complaining. I also thought it was one of the better ramen I’ve had, at least in Australia. It had so much taste, depth and oomph. Loved it.


My ramen was topped with chasiu, menma and half an egg (which was slightly beyond what I’d say would be a soft-boiled state). House-made thin straight noodles completed this glorious package, soaking up all the collagen, fats and goodness from the broth. I was so happy.

You can also order weird ass ramen dishes such as prawn or soft shell crab ramen if you want something a bit fancy. Personally, I think the simpler shoyu ramen is plenty enough for me. Sadly, Runcorn is a bit out of the way for me to make this trek a regular thing but thankfully, Genkotsu have recently opened up a branch in Toowong which is more accessible.

I eat too much.

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