Tipo 00 (Melbourne, VIC)

361 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 3 9942 3946

Whenever I’m back in Melbourne, one thing I enjoy doing is checking out restaurants that have opened up during my absence. Refined Italian casual eatery Tipo 00 was one such place I went to on my last visit, before I was to disappear from the city for a few days for a spot of wilderness, hiking and wine with old friends.

Situated on the outdoor store end of Little Bourke Street, Tipo 00 has already etched an impressive following after only a month of operation. I can see why though; it’s an intimate polished space with a seasonal menu of delicious pasta, pasta and more pasta (and a couple of meaty mains but let’s face it, you’re here for the pasta). As for the team, they’re from some of Melbourne’s best names such as St Crispin, Vue de Monde, Merchant and Scusa Mi.


Arriving just before the lunch crowd descended onto the 40-seater restaurant, I took my post by the window and ordered my food. Once my order was taken, I was presented with my wine (a delightfully aromatic Bardolino) and a complimentary warm focaccia slice drizzled with olive oil and paired with a soft pillowy scoop of ricotta.

Pappardelle with braised rabbit, marjoram and hazelnut ($27)
Pappardelle with braised rabbit, marjoram and hazelnut ($27)

Goah, this has got to be the most awkward pasta shot ever. I could have sworn I had a better photo in my phone but I don’t. Shrugs.

Anyway, the hardest choice you’ll ever make at Tipo 00 is what pasta to order. There’s their famous squid ink taglioni with bottarga that’s currently making the rounds on Instagram, while my neighbour’s black truffle risotto seduced with its sexy aroma. In the end, I chose the braised rabbit pappardelle because hey, Queensland.

It was the most wonderful plate of pasta I’ve had in a very long time. The handmade ribbons of carby goodness were silky smooth with the perfect amount of firmness to the bite, while the sauce was rich, earthy and flavoursome.

Tipomisu ($14)
Tipomisu ($14)

The pasta itself was enough to keep my tummy full until dinnertime but I couldn’t help but order dessert. In particular, I wanted to try Tipo 00’s famous tipomisu, their spin on an Italian classic.


I’m not normally a big tiramisu eater (too much chocolate, too much richness, bleh) but this one really took the cake (pardon the intentional pun). Hyptonised, I watched the waitress pour the chocolate sauce all over the dessert before I eagerly dug in. The tipomisu was fantastic; unlike most tiramisus, all the flavours – chocolate, coffee and mascarpone – had equal weighting and none overpowered the other. It also wasn’t terribly sweet, thank goodness.

Tipo 00 is the sort of place that makes you fall in love with Melbourne over again – that is, if the coffee and hot guys in woollen suits haven’t done so already. It’s elegant, it’s down-to-earth and there’s a lot of carb-loaded substance behind that modern Italo-Melbourne style. I’m definitely getting the black truffle risotto next winter.

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