Review: Easy Street Diner (Gold Coast, QLD)

12/2563 Gold Coast Highway
Mermaid Beach QLD 4218
+61 7 5554 6542

I get the sense that the easiest (legal) way to make money in Gold Coast is to open up a burger place. Seriously, they’re everywhere now – and quite frankly, it’s getting to the point of mass saturation. But when your non-foodie friend asks you to do dinner with him, going to the GC’s newest burger joint is a far better option than walking into the nearest surf life saving club or pub in the ‘burbs.


Easy Street Diner is the latest ‘cool’ joint to grace the Goldie Highway. Several years ago, this long stretch of road used to be the last place you’d grab a meal at but it’s now home to some hip and happenin’ eateries. Easy Street Diner happens to be one of them. They haven’t really advertised much but if you think you can stroll in at 6pm on a Sunday evening and be seated immediately, you’d be wrong. Thanks to the power of Instagram and the all too powerful #burgers hashtag, this place was pumping when we rocked up. Luckily though, the turnover is quite quick so Adam and I were able to score two seats at the bar.

Easy Street Tonic ($8)
Easy Street Tonic ($8)

The cocktails here are cheap and simple. Apple juice and whisky were the only two ingredients in my Easy Street Tonic. If you want bells, whistle and smoked salt dust with shaved bits of gold truffle in your cocktail, this place isn’t for you.

Royale with cheese ($12)
Royale with cheese ($12)

Adam ordered the royale with cheese, an item which seems to appear on every second burger joint’s menu. It’s like, wow, you are paying tribute to Pulp Fiction – do you want a gold star for that? Sarcasm aside, Adam said it was a nice enough burger… ‘kind of like a Big Mac, but better.’


What I liked about the presentation was that all the salad items were placed on one side so you can choose what goes into it. Being a typical boy, Adam initially picked up his burger with both hands without chucking anything into it – but then quickly added the lettuce leaves when he saw my glare. It was me who ended up eating the tomato and pickles. Bloody hell.

Chick n waffles ($22)
Chick n waffles ($22)

I decided to be different by ordering the chicken and waffles. The waffle base was beautifully crispy without being too heavy, while the chicken tenders were gloriously crunchy, light and tasty – think KFC, narrow the spice count down a bit, use better chicken meat and add a hundred times the crunch. Accompanying my dish was a bit of whipped butter and maple syrup to tie everything together. Oh yeah.

Loaded fries ($14)
Loaded fries ($14)

I probably would have been happy just eating my chicken and waffles but Adam insisted we order the loaded fries. I was reluctant after ordering a similar dish in Sydney’s Hartsyard and not being too impressed with it but hey, if I was able to make Adam eat lettuce with his burger then he can twist my arm into ordering these bloody fries.

I shouldn’t have whinged so much – they were delicious. While the Hartsyard version was soggy, gluggy and just unpleasant to eat, these were more than decent. The shoestring fries remained crispy, despite being drenched in an omg-wtf-are-you-crazy dressing of pork belly bits, bacon, cheese and creamy special sauce. While the dressing isn’t going to give anyone abs, it wasn’t terribly heavy and we were able to polish the whole thing off without feeling gross.

While Adam isn’t keen to go back to Easy Street Diner in a hurry (he argued that it was too far from his house and Boom Boom Burger Bar, while not AS good, was cheaper), I enjoyed our dinner. A lively atmosphere, fast-paced service, cocktails for less than a tenner and probably some of the best fried chicken you can get on the ‘Coast, what more can you want?

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I eat too much.

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