Review: Burleigh Social (Gold Coast, QLD)

2 Hibiscus Haven
Burleigh Heads QLD 4220
+61 421 460 739

All things considered, I’m pretty lucky to be living smack bang in the middle of Gold Coast. I live within five minutes of Muso Ramen, Paddock Bakery and Bac to Nam, all excellent places to grab a feed. Another place I can add to this list of decent local hangouts is Burleigh Social.

When my old boss and her husband decided to escape Melbourne’s horrid winter temperatures by coming up to Goldie, my original plan was to take them to Paddock. Unfortunately, Paddock was stupidly busy when we drove by just after 1pm on a Wednesday afternoon. ‘Do people here not work?!’ I grumbled as we made a group decision to venture elsewhere; luckily, Burleigh Social was just down the block. It wasn’t my first choice but I had heard enough good things to pique my curiosity and plus, it wasn’t busy.


Burleigh Social was started by a group of mates who worked in the airline industry and two of them were pilots – being a bit of an aviation geek with a bit of a thing for pilots, this joint was already getting thumbs up from me. The joint is a tin shed at the back of the site that was once occupied by Feather and Docks. Fitted out with an open kitchen, coffee bar and alfresco seating options at the front, Burleigh Social is a lovely, relaxing space to unwind and, um, be social.

Granola cup
Granola cup

Although I was tempted by the hot options on the menu (burgers, croissants and the like), I decided to be good by ordering a granola cup with my coffee. I drink macchiatos these days but I had cravings for a milk coffee, so I had a latte. Made with Allpress beans, my latte went down a silky, smooth treat.

Unfortunately, my granola took quite some time to arrive. A storm was passing through so the power went out for 10 minutes or so. While all this was going on, the kitchen somehow forgot about my order (my companions both had their fruit salads and croissants). After a quick follow up with the kitchen, my granola did arrive in a matter of minutes with an apology.

I’m not one to normally order granolas when eating out (I make my own quick five minute version at home with lots of honey and butter), but Burleigh Social’s version was pretty damn good. It was toasty, nutty with a lovely hint of butter and not overly sweet. Paired with natural yoghurt and fresh Queensland strawberries (gotta love Queensland winters), it went down a treat.

At just after 2pm, we got the firm but polite nudge to leave the premises as they were packing up for the day. Despite the fact that they forgot my order, it was a lovely lunch. While I can’t see myself coming here every week, it’s definitely one to add to my Gold Coast café list for those odd mornings when I need to leave the home office to recharge with yummy wholesome food and a lovely coffee or two.

I eat too much.

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