Review: Boom Boom Burger Bar (Gold Coast, QLD)

7-9 Burra Street
Chevron Island QLD 4217
+61 7 5538 3718

My friend Adam lives on Chevron Island, just west of Surfers Paradise. It’s a bit of a strange place; there’s a main drag that tries to be buzzing and hip like Surfers, yet it’s full of mediocre bars, takeaway eateries and late night Asian massages. In other words, it’s not known for excellent dining options. But when a workmate told me of this new burger place that just opened up, Adam and I decided to give it a go. Plus, it had a pretty quirky name: Boom Boom Burger Bar.

We rocked up early on a Sunday evening, thinking that it’d be quiet and that’d we’d snap up a table quickly. WRONG. The place was packed with happy families and couples while a guy with a guitar supplied the live music. There were only a couple of empty tables so Adam and I were lucky to arrive when we did or we would have had to face a bit of a wait.

Smoking hot ($15)
Smoking hot ($15)

I ordered Boom Boom’s signature burger, the Smoking Hot. It was presented under a smoke-filled dome and when the dome was flitted, we were supposed to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ as the smoke wafted out. It was a bit of fancy schmancy stuff, a nod to owner Meyjitte Boughenout’s Absynthe days, that was designed to make the casual dining experience more memorable.

Unfortunately, the waitress kind of spoiled this ‘boom boom’ experience for me. Naturally, I was like ‘give me a sec, let me take a photo!’ before she lifted the dome. To my annoyance, she sighed and rolled her eyes. Look, I get it. I was definitely not the first person to want to take photos of the above and as someone who serves hundreds of this, I’m well aware that she’d be over it by now. But still, not need for that attitude!


The burger itself was nice enough. The 150-day old aged beef was gently smoked to give it a bit of a lift. It was served with mushrooms, spinach, cheddar and ‘secret sauce’ (which tasted almost like a Big Mac sauce but with a hint of mustard).

They also chucked in cucumbers in the burger. No, not pickles. CUCUMBERS. They were soggy and tasteless; I’m not sure why they bothered, but it did damper what could have been a better-than-decent burger.

Meanwhile, Adam had the Boom Boom Bang, their basic $10 burger comprising of wagyu beef, beetroot, caramelised red onion, cheese and lettuce plus homemade tomato sauce. He polished it in a matter of half-minutes and said that he’d come back to get this burger if he felt like takeaway so it had to be better than mine.

Hand cut chips ($5)
Hand cut chips ($5)

I was also underwhelmed by their chips. They were super thick, which meant that they were soft on the edges but also a tad hard inside. They were also not the least bit crispy and they were definitely not golden.

Onion rings ($5)
Onion rings ($5)

Ditto the onion rings. The batter was so thick that Adam and I ended up playing a frustrating game of ‘where are the onions?’ – we left the rings mostly untouched.

I didn’t have the best meal here (half because of the food and half because of the waitress), however Adam said that he’d come back again. I guess if I was living just around the corner from Boom Boom, I’d come back when I’m craving a burger and can’t be bothered cooking. And I guess if I happened to be chillin’ at Adam’s place that afternoon or evening and if he insisted on going to Boom Boom, I’d tag along. But for me to make the 10-15 minute drive from my end of the ‘Coast? Hm, probably not.

I eat too much.

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  1. Melissa
    August 26, 2015

    Well, that sucks about the service. I cannot believe she actually rolled her eyes. Nothing spoils the experience than poor service.


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