Review: Globe Café (Gold Coast, QLD)

30 James Street
Burleigh Heads QLD 4220
+61 7 5520 0230

On sunny mornings, I like to take my laptop out and find a café to work in. Sometimes it’s nice to grab a window seat and sip a well-brewed cup of coffee (i.e. one that’s not made by me) and watch the world go by in between churning out work and faffing away on social media.


When in Burleigh Heads, I normally duck into Quest. Introduced to me by one of my first Gold Coast friends Yanni, Quest is one of my favourite places to enjoy a milk coffee on the ‘Coast. Unfortunately, it’s also a favourite of many coffee-loving Gold Coast folk so mornings are often super busy. Plus, there is limited seating so if you rock up between 8:30 and 11 in the morning, you’re usually forced to take away.


Just a few doors down on James Street though is Globe Café. If you’re in search of a place to plonk your laptop by the open window down for an hour or two, this would be it. On a Friday morning, it attracts a steady stream of patrons and although it’s busy, it’s not terribly noisy.


When I used to live in Melbourne, I was a frequent visitor to Di Bella Roasting Warehouse in North Melbourne. I’m not particularly a brunch person per se but they did a decent breakfast and their lattes were always reliably good. I’ve yet to try a coffee from Di Bella Coffee outside of this establishment (probably due to my bad experiences with Campos coffees outside of Campos flagship cafés – Trunk, I’m looking at you) so this was my first time. I need not have worried though – my latte was rich, nutty and velvety, very much like the ones I enjoyed at the Melbourne café.

Banana bread board
Banana bread board

Because I wasn’t terribly hungry, I ordered a banana bread to go with my coffee. Perhaps a bit astonishingly, it arrived on a board with all these bells and whistles. To be fair, it was kind of my fault. When I asked the lady at the counter for a banana bread, she then asked, ‘On the board?’ to which I absentmindedly said, ‘Yeah, sure.’ I didn’t know that I was being given an option to have it on its own.

So anyway, the bread itself was lovely – it was warm, light and not terribly sweet (always a plus in my books). The hazelnut butter that came with it actually complemented the bread quite nicely, giving it a bit of a salty nutty kick. It was just the presentation that threw me off. Planks of wood? Yawn. Lots of icing sugar everywhere? What on earth for? And yeah sure, berries and stewed pears are nice but this was perhaps trying a bit too hard.

I also ordered a chicken schnitzel wrap to take away for lunch. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of it but it was a little wrap that contained chicken schnitzel pieces, maybe a pinch of shredded cheese, spinach, walnuts, avocado and a LOT of sweet chilli sauce. At $10, I thought they were a bit stint on the fillings – not so much the chicken but I did expect more than an index finger-sized slice of avocado, for example. It didn’t taste bad, but a little less sweet chilli sauce would have been fab.

Although I wouldn’t come back for the food, I think Globe is a nice place to chill for an hour or so. You get the sun streaming through in the morning and the beach is just a short walk away. The service is also friendly, quick and efficient and I definitely can’t fault the coffee. I’ll definitely use Globe as my coffee back-up option if I can get a seat at Quest (which, let’s face it, is most of the time).

I eat too much.


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      November 6, 2016

      Thanks for your auto comment.


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