Review: Lester & Earl (Gold Coast, QLD)

1097 Gold Coast Highway
Palm Beach QLD 4221
+61 7 5598 2889

Winter is the perfect time to curl up in cosy surroundings and enjoy slow-cooked meats, hearty carb-loaded sides and a bottle of red wine – in other words, the stuff that ain’t going to give you abs. In all seriousness though, leave all the clean eating and exercising for the summer months; winter is the time to indulge imo and Lester & Earl, Palm Beach’s hottest kid on the Goldie Highway block is perfect for that.

Sharky was briefly in town so we decided to hit up this American-style eatery that was already proving to be a hit with the locals – an impressive feat given that this place has no website (apart from a Facebook page) or social media presence as yet. Hell, I probably would not have heard about it if it weren’t for a colleague at work, a Palm Beach resident, who mentioned it in passing one lunchtime.


It may have felt like Melbourne outside (cold, wet and miserable) but this spacious 300-seater restaurant was cosy and warm enough to take our minds away from the crappy weather. I can also imagine how great it’d be to sit here in the hot summer months – there is ample balcony seating for those who want to soak up the fresh easterly sea breeze and admire the view. (although tbf, a dingy car park and the Palm Beach Surf Life Saving Club ain’t the best view on the Gold Coast)


Lester & Earl’s menu is all about burgers, smoked meats (brisket, pulled pork et al) and sides such as mac and cheese – you know, all the things you see in every second so-called eating house along Australia’s east coast these days. In saying that, the whole American-style slow cooked food thang is still relatively new in Gold Coast and it’s been a while since I’ve had this sort of food so I was keen as beans to give Lester & Earl a go.

Complimenting the food menu was a great selection of Aussie and American craft beer as well as spirits and cocktails. Sadly, I was on a self-inflicted alcohol ban so all I had to drink that night was an LLB but I’ll definitely be on the grog for my next visit.

Hereford/Angus cross brisket platter ($28)
Hereford/Angus cross brisket platter ($28)

Lester & Earl’s meat platters are certainly big enough to feed a hungry Gold Coast Titans player – Sharky and I shared one between two and we were more than satisfied. Lester & Earl buy meat from highly reputable suppliers so you know you’re going to get a good piece of meat here. Our brisket came from Cape Grim; beautifully smoked and full of flavour, we both gave it our thumbs up. Accompanying our protein was plethora of sides: honey mustard potato salad, tangy coleslaw sprinkled with fresh coriander and mint, soft white bread, cheddar and jalapeno cornbread and pickle. Apart from the cornbread (it was tough as nails), every side on the platter was delicious. The guys also threw in some crispy potato lattices in there too, even though I swore it wasn’t on the menu – nice one, guys.

Smoked mac and cheese ($6)
Smoked mac and cheese ($6)

I can’t go past a mac and cheese and pretty much anything that comes with the prefix ‘smoked.’ Lester & Earl’s mac and cheese came in a perfect brick-shaped formation which quickly crumbled at the slightest touch of my fork. The sauce was made from a decadent triple cheese sauce – oh god yes, so friggin’ good. A side serve was plenty for us but if you’re feeling extremely indulgent, go for a full serving for $16.

Peanut butter, chocolate fudge and bacon ice cream
Peanut butter, chocolate fudge and bacon ice cream

Lester & Earl didn’t have a proper dessert menu when we visited but when we asked our waitress if there was any chance we can have something sweet to finish on, she said that the kitchen can whip up an ice cream trio. The guys in the kitchen just so happened to be playing around with the ice cream machine and leftover bits of bacon and ‘would you guys like to try bacon ice cream?’

Um, hell YES?

The sexy trio was made up with the all-American flavours of peanut butter, chocolate fudge and bacon. The chocolate fudge ice cream was nice enough (but then again, I’m not the right person to ask when it comes to chocolate things because hell, chocolate is chocolate to me) but the peanut butter ice cream was something that I can have multiple bowls of at home while watching Orange Is The New Black season three – it was smooth, creamy and nutty with the slightly hint of caramel. The bacon ice cream, however, OH BOY THE BACON ICE CREAM.

It was insanely good. It had a caramel-vanilla base that worked well with the saltiness of the maple glazed bacon, all enveloped in an indulgently smooth texture. Multiple bowls? Man, I think need multiple FREEZER-FULLS of this stuff.

I haven’t been back to Lester & Earl since but I already know that I’m going back to try their fried chicken, pork ribs and burgers (yes, I’ve already planned my next outings there). Hopefully by then, their bacon ice cream will be a permanent fixture on their menu – on second thoughts, maybe not. After all, I don’t want anyone else getting their hands on that stuff, dammit.

I eat too much.

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