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Let’s continue with the theme of restaurants to avoid when in Gold Coast with Mario’s Italian in Broadbeach. Don’t worry, I’ll be spreading some cheerful Gold Coast love in due course – I just want to get the less than fantastic restaurants out of the way while I’m on roll.

So, my Melbourne friend Tim was in town for a visit one weekend – not to see me particularly but to watch his beloved Collingwood Magpies take on the Suns. I can totally understand; after all, Nick Maxwell is worth the flight up to OOL and not the friend of 12 years. It’s all good.

We were in Broadbeach one afternoon, checking out some beach babes waves when we worked up a bit of an appetite. This was at an awkward time of day too (as in, way too late for lunch but too early for dinner) so a lot of Broadbeach’s restaurants were closed. Frustrated, we decided to settle on the next restaurant that was open – and it happened to be Mario’s. Now, I’m not one to fork out money for a mediocre meal at an Aussie-Italian restaurant (those places seem annoyingly popular in Gold Coast) but Tim was getting hangry so we decided to walk in.

The place was decked out in neon lights and faux neo-classical murals, so not unlike many Aussie-Italian places in Gold Coast. Thankfully, there was none of the fake exaggerated Italian accent thing happening and for the most part, service was great. Our food arrived quickly, though we did have to signal our waiter twice for water.

Fettuccini Princess ($25.90, for entrée-sized portion)
Fettuccini Princess ($25.90, for entrée-sized portion)

I ordered the curiously named Princess pasta which, imo, didn’t sound particularly princess-like. I mean, green prawns, bacon, mushrooms and shallots is a combination that sounds more like dude food to me but anyway. The mixture was tied together by a Napoli and cream sauce. Taste-wise, it wasn’t bad but for $25.90, I expected something nicer (better quality ingredients would have been a start too).

Risotto al Paesano ($27.90)
Risotto al Paesano ($27.90)

Tim ordered the above risotto dish which only came in one size. To me, the mix of diced chicken breast, mushrooms, peas, corn, semi-dried tomatoes just screamed out ‘special fried rice’ and ‘did the kitchen just chuck whatever ingredients were left from last night’s dinner service into one dish?’ with the basil and cream sauce along with the shaved Romano on top adding in more flavour confusion to the mix. Granted, the dish did taste miles better than the chorizo and mushroom risotto I had at The Hub but even Tim said that it wasn’t the best risotto he’s had (and he’s usually one to LOVE Aussie-Italian food).

I haven’t been to Mario’s since and I don’t intend to; like many Italian restaurants here, the dishes are overpriced, mediocre on a good day and you can forgot about getting anything remotely resembling authentic Italian fare. I guess the only time I’ll recommend going to Mario’s is if you’re REALLY hungry and can’t be bothered waiting two hours for the other Broadbeach restaurants to open up, or if you’re legitimately craving La Porchetta fare but your legs can’t walk the few hundred metres up to the Phoenician Resort where you can find said restaurant.

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I eat too much.


  1. bob
    December 4, 2016

    Yours wasn’t bad? Wasn’t the best Tam has had? Too late for lunch, too early for dinner?????
    What the fuck do you expect you dickhead!
    Fucking anal princess…
    They can and have seated almost 400 per sitting and you expect them to have something ready to go for you and your shit mate mid prep between lunch and dinner?
    Now that’s a wannabe food critic with no idea.
    Fuck off and learn some respect for the industry…

    1. libishski
      December 26, 2016

      Hi ‘bob,’

      I’m not a chef or a professional food critic (hence, the disclaimer on my blog) but this is merely a blog with my thoughts and two cents of places I’ve been to; I’ve liked some but also didn’t like some. It’s just the way it is. My day job involves working heavily with the industry so I do know all about the hard work chefs, restaurateurs, managers etc put in. That said, if a kitchen stays open between service (lunch and dinner), wouldn’t it reasonable for a paying customer to expect something to be ready? Otherwise, why bother staying open? Cheers.


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