Review: Ze Pickle (Gold Coast, QLD)

Connor Street
Burleigh Heads QLD 4220
+61 7 5659 1091

So, burgers, cronuts and craft beer are currently ‘so hot right now’ on the Gold Coast. Our southern cousins may be rolling their eyes and being all ‘those things are so 2013’ but one thing I’ve come to love about Goldie is that food trends don’t necessarily dictate dining habits and they don’t mindlessly bow down to the hottest food trends in droves. Burgers are so 2013? Yeah, whatever. We may be a bit slow but we like burgers and if they happen to be out of fashion, who cares? They taste delicious and that’s all that matters, okay?

One place that I’ve come to love in Gold Coast is Ze Pickle, a place that combines those three things: burgers, cronuts and craft beers in breezy Burleigh Heads, just minutes away from the beach. And while it is perhaps a little bit hipster, there is none of that pretentious wankery that you sometimes get in Collingwood or Newtown. Everything is laidback and chilled.

My first visit was with Will, my gym bro buddy who had been raving about this place for ages. It was a warm evening as we grabbed our seats outside so we can soak up the sea breeze. We ordered a few beers during the course of the evening; I don’t remember exactly which ones I had but given that Ze Pickles’ list comprises of names like Deschutes, Two Birds and 4 Pines, you’re sure to be impressed if you’re a craft beer aficionado.

Ze Pickle tries to be a little cheeky with their menu. Comprising of predominately burgers, the menu is sectioned off by meats. Each burger has a name and you can tell the person designing the menu had the most fun when creating the chicken section (The Cock is your default chicken burger while the Pulled Cock is their slow cooked pulled chicken burger). The menu also contained a lot of Zs (I guess to create synergy with the name of the eatery) so I saw ‘caramelized’ instead of ‘caramelised’ which was fine but I did think that ‘cheeze’ instead of ‘cheese’ was a bit too much.

Kanye’s cheese sticks ($8)
Kanye’s cheese sticks ($8)

We had these cheese sticks to share. I’m not sure why they were called Kanye’s cheese sticks but they were probably a starter we could have gone without. Four pieces of American jack cheese were double-breaded (or, crumbed) and then fried. They were actually quite nice (who doesn’t like deep-fried and cheese anything??) but after eating just one, I was half full. Yup.

Ze chips ($6)
Ze chips ($6)

For something that won’t screw your appetite before the burgers arrive, the chips are probably a better option. They were light and crispy – just the way I love my chips – and beautifully seasoned. Perfect for grazing or to enjoy with your burgers.

Up in Smoke: wagyu pattie, iceberg lettuce, tomato, pickles, balsamic caramelised onion, chilli relish, jalapeños, Swiss cheese and jalapeño aioli ($15.50)
Up in Smoke: wagyu pattie, iceberg lettuce, tomato, pickles, balsamic caramelised onion, chilli relish, jalapeños, Swiss cheese and jalapeño aioli ($15.50)

Will had the ‘Up in Smoke’ burger, Ze Pickle’s default ‘hot’ option. I didn’t manage to have a bite of it, not just because that cheese stick was already doing my head in but because Will has an insane appetite so he wolfed it down while I was still applying Instagram filters to MY burger photo. Will said that it wasn’t as good as the first Ze Pickle burger he had (their cheeseburger) because there was something missing in it, but he didn’t know what. (I reckon it’s the lack of bacon and cheese)

Cronut burger: cronut, wagyu pattie, cheese, Nutella bacon and maple syrup ($18)
Cronut burger: cronut, wagyu pattie, cheese, Nutella bacon and maple syrup ($18)

Ze Pickle has a cronut burger that’s not on the menu so when I heard about it, of course I had to order it. The burger itself isn’t big but it definitely contained way more calories than Will’s burger and our starters combined. Hey, you don’t come to Ze Pickle if you want to be all fitso and clean eating and shit…


So, the cronut burger is essentially a house-made cinnamon-dusted cronut sandwiching a wagyu pattie, American cheese, Nutella bacon and lots of maple syrup. The cronut itself was also sticky so I’m assuming they drizzled a bit of maple syrup on top for good measure. Verdict? Okay, the whole thing worked. I loved the combination of sweet, sticky, salty and insanity, capped off by the sourness of the pickle on top. I also liked how the cronut’s crispiness added a bit of textural oomph to the whole thing too. Was I glad that I tried it? Most definitely. Will I order it again? Probably not; it was a bit too much for me.

Since then, I’ve gone back to try a couple of their other burgers. Their cheeseburgers (sorry, cheeseburgers) are an excellent and reliable choice for those who want something simple while their jerk chicken burgers are also good if you feel like a bit of poultry.

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I eat too much.

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