Review: Roast Duck Inn (Melbourne, VIC)

29-31 Carrington Road
Box Hill VIC 3128
+61 3 9897 3788

If you love your Hong Kong-style roast meats, then Box Hill is definitely the place to be. With its plethora of cheap and nasty (in a good way) Asian restaurants that are open late, it’s the perfect pit stop for Melbourne’s Eastsiders wanting a midnight feed on the way home from a night on the piss.

Being good and responsible citizens (har-har), Matt and I certainly weren’t on the piss one Friday night but we were in the area and craving something cheap, quick and greasy. That’s where Roast Duck Inn came in. It was almost 10pm so, to be fair, it wasn’t terribly late but it was way past the dinner hour. Before we had the chance to sit down and breathe, laminated menus were shoved in our faces – in other words, we’re hoping to close early tonight so you guys better hurry the hell up.

That was fine, we both knew what we wanted.


With complimentary herbal bone broth in our hands, we started our conversation. It was a cool Melbourne night so I eagerly sipped the last dregs of the broth.

Roast duck and salted egg fried rice
Roast duck and salted egg fried rice ($13.50)

I had been craving this particular dish for quite some time and as its name suggests, Roast Duck Inn certainly delivered. It wasn’t as tasty as the roast duck fried rice at Rose Garden – there was less heat, less oomph and zero mustard greens – but did the trick regardless. The portion size was also massive and despite being super hungry, I struggled to finish it so I ended up taking it home for breakfast the next morning.

Roast pork on rice
Roast pork on rice ($10)

Matt ordered his favourite dish here, the roast pork on rice. Given the neat rows of hanging meats by the window, you’d think that Matt’s dish would arrive really quickly – it didn’t, it arrived maybe 10 minutes later than mine. Perhaps they had to steam up some more rice. Regardless, the dish was as good as Matt remembered – the crackling was perfectly crispy while the meat was tender and delicious. He finished it all, easily.

Rose Garden is still my number 1 spot for roast meat dishes and roast duck fried rice but if I’m in the ‘burbs, then Roast Duck Inn would be my ‘go to’ place. I mean, it’s only 10-15 minutes from my parents’ house so why not.

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I eat too much.


  1. dave
    April 23, 2015

    this place is all about quantity and not so much quality but some standards have remain like the laid back service. it was good back when “any roast and rice for $7 was a cheap fill me up in the tafe days. hows the reamen noodle bars?

    1. libishski
      April 28, 2015

      Whoa, $7?! Damn.


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