Review: Mensakedokorowa (Nagoya, Japan)

1-1-4 Nagoya Shinkansen Street
Meieki, Nakamura-Ku
Nagoya-shi, Aichi 450-0002
+81 52 569 1775

I was in Nagoya for only 30 minutes, not long enough for me to do some sight seeing but long enough for me to grab a nice Nagoya-style lunch to eat before sprinting back to my platform to catch my west-bound train.

Nagoya Station boasts quite a few restaurants, each offering Nagoyan specialities – we’re talking fried Cochin chicken (a special breed of chicken), miso pork and kishimen, a type of flat udon. Luckily I stumbled across Mensakedokorowa, a place that did all three.


This was the lunch set I ordered – I don’t remember how much it was exactly, but it was definitely around the AUD$10 mark thus making it a pretty cheap lunch.

Miso pork
Miso pork

So this is the famous miso pork, a bowl full of deep fried crumbed pork pieces with blobs of thick, sweet miso paste (called aka miso) on top and a handful of shredded cabbage for filler. It was a deliciously flavoursome dish, and one that I wish was more readily available in Australia.

In the background, there was a single piece of fried Cochin chicken wing. No batter, no sauce, no nothing. It was simple yet tasty; the meat was reddish and had much more flavour than the normal white chicken we’re so accustomed to eating. I wish I spent more time in Nagoya so I could give Cochin chicken sashimi (yes, raw chicken) a go but that’ll be something to aim for the next time I’m in Japan.


Then I had the kishimen, a flat udon noodle dish. I was given the option to have it hot or cold – not sure why, but I asked for cold – and the noodles came with a very pleasant dashi-like both with a hint of sweetness. Topped with shredded daikon and bonito, it was the perfect dish to end lunch on.

Mensakedokorowa might have been ‘train station’ food but it’s a good place to suss out if you’re just in Nagoya for a brief stopover and want to try some local foods without leaving the train station. I enjoyed my lunch so much that I’ve already decided I’m spending more time in Nagoya to explore more of the local food when I’m in Japan next.

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