Review: Tonkatsu Maisen Daimarutokyoten (Tokyo, Japan)

1-9-1 Daimaru Tokyo
Tokyo Station, Marunochi
Tokyo 100-6701
+81 3 6638 6871

One of my favourite things to do in Tokyo was to spend an hour or two in supermarkets and department stores. Personally, I think you can learn a lot about a society just by spending some time in a local supermarket and it’s also fun to discover all sorts of interesting products that you wouldn’t find at a say, Coles or Woolies back home.

Tokyo’s department stores also come equipped with an impressive array of things that will get you salivating if you happen to be a hardcore foodie – and Daimaru in Tokyo’s main railway station was one of the more impressive ones I visited during my trip (not that I visited that many because I’m not much of a shopper). Growing up, I remember going to Melbourne Central’s very own Daimaru store every other Sunday and thinking it was the coolest place ever, even I found their book section pretty basic. Of course, the now-defunct Melbourne Daimaru has nothing on this Tokyo branch. So you can imagine how happy I was to spend the next hour or so gawking at all that was on offer in the food hall.


Some really cute pre-packed lunch sets.


All the sushi combinations you can think of.


They even had a wonderful selection of foodstuffs.

I was delighted to find that this particular Daimaru had a Maisen Tonkatsu kiosk. They’re the guys that supposedly do the best tonkatsu (fried crumbed pork) in Tokyo so I was keen to give them a go. Due to the size of the kiosk, there’s no space for a kitchen so your pork won’t arrive all fresh and hot – your meal is pre-packaged. There is the option to get a staff member to heat it up for you but I think most customers (predominantly office workers) don’t bother because time is money, okay.


However, the coating will still arrive crispy and the box will still be warm enough for you to eat its contents on the go. I happily ate my delicious tonkatsu with the accompanying rice and pickles – it was simple, tasty and filling. And all for ¥777(AUD$7.80) too, which made it a bargain.

I eat too much.

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