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76 Moray Street
New Farm QLD 4005
+61 7 3358 2024

After a wild night out involving Baby Boomer women flashing their saggy tits at a Rick Astley concert and plenty of drinking in various bars in the ‘Valley, I was not feeling at my best the following morning. And despite being a seasoned Fortitude Valley party animal, neither was Brad.

We decided that a hangover breakfast was in order so off we went to Brad’s fave local, The Little Larder. Located just a stone’s throw away from Fortitude Valley, the quiet little neighbourhood café is popular with weekenders wanting a hearty feed before they go about their Saturday. I wasn’t particularly hungry but if I was going to function for the remainder of the day, I knew I had to get some coffee in me.

Fresh juice ($7.90); long macchiato ($3.90)
Fresh juice ($7.90); long macchiato ($3.90)

We grabbed a seat on the high bench outside so we can soak up the warm Brisbane sun. Brad was smart to order a freshly squeeze juice blend of some sort given the heat. Me? I needed caffeine and plus, I’m a Melburnian, mate, so coffee was the way to go. My long macchiato was very chocolate-y with a nice depth to it, but it did have a bit of a burnt aftertaste.


Oh look, this place even had its own chicken!

Dukkah eggs on rye ($15)
Dukkah eggs on rye ($15)

I don’t normally make a habit of going to ‘avocado and eggs’ type places for brunch because they bore me to death. However, I was pleased to find dishes such as crispy polenta with poached eggs and braised beef cheeks on the breakfast menu. If I had been more hungry and if the weather was 20 degrees cooler, I would have definitely gone for either dish. Instead, I went for the lighter-sounding dukkah eggs on rye.


So, my dish arrived with beetroot relish, asparagus, red vein sorrel and toast. The poached eggs were a bit on the overcooked side (still passable though) and while everything else tasted great on their own (nothing wrong with the beetroot relish, nothing wrong with the way the asparagus was cooked yada yada yada), there was a lack of cohesiveness. I kicked myself for not ordering bacon on the side but in reality, the guys here should be asking themselves why they couldn’t have added something salty to the dish to tie things together as opposed to bloody sorrel which did nothing.

Big Breakfast: eggs, bacon, chorizo, spinach, roast mushrooms, relish, sourdough toast ($20)
Big Breakfast: eggs, bacon, chorizo, spinach, roast mushrooms, relish, sourdough toast ($20)

Brad is a bloke with a very quick metabolism so I wasn’t surprised to see him order the Big Breakfast. Except that they didn’t give him the right dish to begin with – I can’t remember what dish Brad was given but it was definitely missing half the stuff that the Big Breakfast was meant to have. He was a little bit cranky – we did wait almost 40 minutes for our food to arrive after all. Luckily, his Big Breakfast did arrive only a few minutes later so all was good in the world.

I’m not sure whether I’ll visit Little Larder again. I liked the relaxed vibe of the place and I liked the chicken. However, the food took way too long to arrive and the service was a bit sketchy to begin with – we had to ask for water several times in the beginning and at one stage, we were told that we had to ‘wait a bit’ before they ran out of jugs to put water in (WTF). Um hello, we’re in Queensland! Meanwhile, the food was okay and if I lived in New Farm (or happened to crash at Brad’s after a hectic night again) and couldn’t be arsed making my own breakfast, I’d come back. But as someone who doesn’t live in the area, rarely goes to brunch and has a list of other places I want to check out in Brisbane, it’ll be quite some time before you see me here again.

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I eat too much.

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  1. Choc Chip Uru
    December 23, 2014

    Running out of water jugs? That is a bit weird! I do like the look of the food though, so fresh 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru


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