Review: Barefoot Barista (Gold Coast, QLD)

10 Palm Beach Avenue
Palm Beach QLD 4221
+61 7 5598 2774

Sorry for the three weeks of radio silence on this blog – I’ve been gallivanting around Japan and Singapore and only just got back yesterday (#sorrynotsorry). But now that I’m now semi-settled at home (and not to mention, my funds have dried up), it’s back to regular blogging for me.

So let’s start this post with what is probably the world’s worst kept secret: I moved to the Gold Coast. Yup, I’ve traded my Melbourne blacks, excellent coffees, small bars and world class restaurants for vibrant colours, tans, constant sunshine and terrible Tinder talent[sic]. I’ll be honest: I wasn’t terribly keen about starting a new life in Queensland – I don’t like the beach that much (give me big cities and forests any day) and I prefer AFL over rugby league.

Surprisingly though, I’ve come to enjoy the Gold Coast for what it is. I’ve made some wonderful new friends, my home cooking skills have improved significantly and my skin is not ghastly pale anymore. I’ve even started going for the Maroons in State of Origin.

Over the next few months, you’ll see more and more Gold Coast and Brisbane-centric posts. Of course, that’s not to say that I won’t be blogging about Melbourne – after all, I’m there pretty much there every 2-4 weeks and I’ll continue doing the semi-regular weekend dashes to Sydney. With that in mind, here’s a review of Barefoot Barista, a café I hold close to my heart because it was where I went for a quick lunch just before the interview that would ultimately land my current (day) job.

According to those living in the southern states, Queensland isn’t known for its coffee culture. In a state where Merlo and Starbucks reign supreme, it’s often difficult to find a reliably good café. However, they do exist – you just need to do your research.


Barefoot Barista happens to be one of those places. Its location in the heart of Palm Beach isn’t the best (I used to hold my breath every time my bus drove through it) but if you’re travelling down south in the morning and happen to be going down the highway as opposed to the motorway, then it’s worth a detour.


The café offers seating inside but I like to sit in the back courtyard to savour the fresh sea breeze wafting in from the east.

Sunday roast salad: chicken breast, sweet roast pumpkin, peas, radicchio, cos and rocket with herb crumbs and mustard dressing ($16)
Sunday roast salad: chicken breast, sweet roast pumpkin, peas, radicchio, cos and rocket with herb crumbs and mustard dressing ($16)

Barefoot Barista do substantial yet healthy breakfasts and lunches, with a focus on quirky salads and burgers. I opted for the Sunday roast salad which was essentially a deconstructed Sunday roast with all the trimmings served cold.


The chicken was juicy, the roasted pumpkin was beautifully caramelised and the herb crumbs added a lovely crunch. All in all, it was the perfect light lunch that gave me the right amount of energy to get me through an interview but without the heavy and embarrassing bloating spells you (well, I, anyway) get from eating too many carbs at lunchtime.

I also enjoyed a Story Coffee latte ($3.50) on the side; my latte was made with freshly roasted Madman Blend coffee which was chocolaty with the slightest hint of toffee. I’m not sure why they decided to ditch Campos as their original supplier of beans but whatever, they don’t seem to be getting many complaints about the new in-house blends.

Palm Beach isn’t known as the culinary epicentre of the Gold Coast but if you’re passing by on the highway, then Barefoot Barista is highly recommended for a delicious feed and excellent coffee.

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I eat too much.


  1. Beryl
    November 12, 2014

    As a fellow Melbourne resident having just moved to Brisbane, I am very keen on your upcoming Brisbane posts. Experiencing Melbourne coffee withdrawal as we speak.

    1. libishski
      November 25, 2014

      Thanks Beryl!
      I’ll be spending a bit of time in Brisbane in the next year so I’m looking forward to discovering more gems up there 🙂

  2. Laura
    November 12, 2014

    They do delicious morning muffins too. And on your way back to the airport check out Feather & Dock, it’s on eastern side of gc highway, nr cnr 7th Ave, their coffee is delicious.

    Don’t be fooled, keep an eye on Palm Beach its heading for great stuff, plenty of good cafés and restaurants opening.


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