Review: Flour and Stone (Sydney, NSW)

53 Riley Street
Woolloomooloo NSW 2011
+61 2 8068 8818

If you’re going to Sydney, there is an unwritten rule that states that you MUST stop at famed patisserie Flour and Stone. Even if you’re not a huge cake person like I am, there is bound to be something wonderful for you to try on the spot or to take home with you to Melbourne in a huge Longchamp carry-on (cough).

I rocked up to Nadine Ingram’s famous café one Saturday morning when I had a bit of time to kill before my next appointment. Armed with instructions to take home ‘at least four panna cotta lamingtons’, I was ready with a large canvas tote bag to transport my precious goodies back to my AirBnb accommodation in the middle of Oxford Street.


The diminutive café was packed when I arrived but the pastry gods must have been kind to me for I was able to score a small table against the wall. Once I paid for my two boxes (yes, TWO) of goodies, I grabbed the coveted seat and sat down with my Coffee Alchemy latte and super flaky almond croissant. While the coffee was just so-so, the croissant was delicious.

Panna cotta lamington ($6 each)
Panna cotta lamington ($6 each)

The lamingtons were bigger than I expected (then again, at $6 you’d want them to be, well, not tiny). Each lamington was a perfect cube made from two vanilla sponge slices, with the bottom layer of sponge soaked in creamy panna cotta to give it a pudding-like texture. The sponges were separated by a thin layer of sweet jam before being covered in chocolate and thick coconut pieces.

Look, I can see why people go nuts over them – and don’t get me wrong, they were delicious – but would I bring them back to Melbourne again? Probably not. I think it’s because I’m not big on traditional lamingtons nor do I like my sweet baked goodies to be anything BUT flaky or fluffy or airy. God, I’m so difficult.

Lemon curd tart; vanilla custard and raspberry doughnut ($4.50)
Lemon curd tart; vanilla custard and raspberry doughnut ($4.50)

I didn’t particularly like the vanilla custard and raspberry doughnut either – while the actual ‘dough’ bit of the doughnut was nice enough, there just wasn’t a lot of jam or custard so I felt a bit ripped off. MUCH better was the lemon curd tart – firm, right base combined with a lush velvety filling and a whole lot of bite/attitude made for the perfect post-dinner dessert.

I did find Flour and Stone a bit of a hit and miss but it’s got more to do with my weird tastes rather than a reflection of the quality of the goodies as fantastic as they are. Given the way people kept going on about the lamingtons, I guess I allowed myself to set unrealistic expectations for them. Meanwhile, I was delighted by the lemon curd tart and almond croissants, two Flour and Stone items that, imo, don’t get as much hype.

If I’m in the area, I’ll definitely stop by to pick up a few almond croissants and lemon tarts as well as try some of their other items – the too many pretty photos of the raspberry tart on Instagram did it for me.

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I eat too much.


  1. Steve
    September 26, 2014

    The meat pies are also good, and may be more up your alley. I think last time we had a rosemary lamb and potatoe pie, which my boy scoffed down before we could have much.

    1. libishski
      September 30, 2014

      Yes, I’ve heard good things about these pies! I stopped at F&S the last time I was in Sydney but they had sold out of most things 🙁 Next time!


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