Review: Kim Chi Hut (Melbourne, VIC)

185 Coleman Parade
Glen Waverley VIC 3150
+61 3 9574 8383

Linda and I don’t mind a bit of Korean every now and then. It’s been a while since either of us had ventured down to Glen Waverley for a feed so we decided to find the highest ranked Korean restaurant there on Urbanspoon for our next dinner destination.

We landed on Kim Chi Hut which had a score in the low 90s, a reputable score. It was a mid-week dinner so we walked in without making reservations. That said, it was surprisingly packed for a Wednesday night so ringing up to book anyway would be a wise decision.

Mandu (8 for $12)
Mandu (8 for $12)

We split a main-sized serving of Korean dumplings. I have no idea why a random bunch of sautéed mushrooms were dumped unceremoniously on top of the dumplings but I love my mushrooms anyway so it was no biggie. What turned out to be a biggie, however, were the dumplings – they were oily and soggy. Not cool, bro.


Obligatory free banchan


Not-so-obligatory free miso soup (but was appreciated nonetheless)

Beef rice stone pot with sweet soy marinated beef ($16.80)
Beef rice stone pot with sweet soy marinated beef ($16.80)

We both ordered the beef rice stone pot, or bibimbap. At $16.80, it was by no means the cheapest bibimbap in town.


While the whole shebang was nice, I found the vegetable-beef-rice ratio a bit uneven. And what’s with the way too many pieces of cucumber slices and lettuce?! It was good but not $16.80 good.

Despite the ‘just okay’ food, the service was prompt and friendly. I don’t go to Glen Waverley much these days and probably wouldn’t go back again for a return meal. Hell, I probably wouldn’t go again even if I just so HAPPENED to be lurking around the area, especially since there are so many good food options nearby. I’m not sure why Kim Chi Hut scored highly on Urbanspoon; perhaps we just ordered the wrong thing or perhaps the voters ate a whole lot of mushrooms – and not the ones we consumed with the dumplings either…

Kimchi Hut on Urbanspoon

I eat too much.


  1. Steve
    September 9, 2014

    A better option for Korean in GW would be Meega, who specialise in fried chicken. They cook it fresh to order, so can be a while, but you can order ahead! Tiny little place, so always gets packed, so booking is also advised.

    That being said, if you are in the area, let me know. Because, fried chicken 🙂

    1. libishski
      September 10, 2014

      Oooh, I don’t think I’ve heard of Meega – is it new? Will give it a go next time I’m in Glenny. And yes, will let you know so I can have a KFC buddy!

      1. Steve
        September 10, 2014

        It’s been there a while, but had a different name before I think. Sounds good 🙂


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