Review: Corica Pastries (Perth, WA)

106 Aberdeen Street
Northbridge WA 6003
+61 8 9328 8196

Man, my blogging backlog is getting worse by the day. Work, social calendar, cold weather, laziness – these are all to blame. Hopefully things settle down in June and I actually do what I promised to do, that is to churn out more posts than amusing Tinder updates on Twitter.

So this will be my last Perth post. And thank goodness for that – Perth happened about six months ago (can’t believe it’s been that long!) and my memory is certainly being tested. I’ve saved the best for last though, and those who have been playing at home will know that this entry is about the best apple strudels, like, ever. Okay, maybe not ever. I’ve never been to Europe so I can’t really make a fair comparison. But these strudels from Corica Pastries are definitely the best in Australia.

Knowing that these strudels were in high demand, I placed my order for six strudels in Melbourne. The first time I rang, I was a dill and forgot about the four-hour time difference. So when the lady picked up the phone at what would have been 6AM Perth time, she didn’t sound too impressed. Nevertheless, she took my order down for four apple strudels and two apple-blueberry strudels ($20 each) and said they’ll be ready to be picked up on Saturday morning.


Unfortunately when I came to pick the boxes up, they got my order wrong and I got given five boxes instead. Thankfully, the ladies at Corica are super-prepared so they had a spare box to give me. And all was right in the world again.

And while I’ve had a Corica apple strudel before, I forgot just how big the boxes were. Naturally, carrying them back in 36-degree heat to my hotel was a challenge. And so was carrying them back on a flight to Melbourne the next day without being stared at.


Anyway, this is what this baby looks like. Crispy, flaky pastry with tops covered in caramelised sugar with the most delicious apple and custard filling you’ve ever tasted. The apple-blueberry one is essentially the same, but the blueberry jam makes it that much sweeter if you prefer it that way (I don’t so pure apple for me, thanks).


I really wanted to give a box to Marty’s family so what I did was cut one of the boxes in half, then cut the strudel in half, lay one half of the strudel on top of the other, slide the now-empty box half to cover the now-full box half.

Apologies for the bad photo – I blame my weary iPhone4.
Apologies for the bad photo – I blame my weary iPhone4.

And tie the lot with a rubber band.

I whacked the box into the largest express post envelope they had at the post office and chucked it into the nearest express post box. It was 36 degrees and because it was Saturday and because it was going to the Gold Coast, Marty’s family wasn’t going to get it until AT LEAST TUESDAY. (it was all mashed up by the time the strudel arrived and even though it would have sat in the Perth AND Gold Coast sun for quite some time, Marty still ate it – and survived)


And what happened to the other five? Well, I had to play a bit of Tetris to get them to all fit in the mini-fridge. I guess the smartest thing for me to do would have been to ask someone at reception the strudels could go in the cool room but I’m pretty dumb at the best of times, hah. I’ll know for next time.


Nevertheless, they still tasted amazing by the time I got around to eating them in Melbourne the following night. All I needed to do was to chuck my slice in the pie warmer and enjoy the pastry’s crispiness. I then added a dollop of cream to it and Hans Landa-ed the hell out of it.


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  1. I saw these at a shop in Melbourne today! $30 and they only have a limited quantity. It’s that Korean (?) shop next to Ripcurl just before you head into China Town from Swanston, on your left.

  2. I know of Singapre airline air hostesses that buy them, packed in dry ice for air travel, to bring home. I have seen them at Corica’s. Lucky me, I am a local.

    1. Hi Alexandra,

      Apologies for the late reply. The Melbourne store that occasionally stocks these pastries is on the corner of Swanston/Little Bourke Street in the CBD. I can’t remember the name of the store but it sells Asian cosmetics. Hope that helps!

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