Review: The Old Crow (Perth, WA)

172 Newcastle Street
Northbridge WA 6003
+61 8 9227 9995

Perth sure is a city full of surprises, especially foodie ones. During my stay there, I didn’t plan to go out of my way to look for interesting or out-there eateries. After all, I was staying in Northbridge which meant that I had all the wonderfully cheap Asian eateries at my feet (or at least within several metres anyway).

But when I was texting Marty that weekend, he mentioned this cool-sounding place he came across while looking up Perth eateries for funsies. A few conference delegates had also mentioned this eatery and gave props to it. So when I needed to find a nice little place to kill time at before DP was to pick me up and take me to Scarborough Beach that Sunday afternoon, I ended up at The Old Crow.

The American food has well and truly hit saturation point in cities all over Australia – and Perth isn’t exempt. But what Perth has (and what Sydney and Melbourne don’t), however, is The Old Crow. The restaurant/bar is a well-balanced mix of sexy old world charm infused with effortlessly cool twists on American flavours. Think jerky pork belly strips with peach coleslaw, for example. Feeling like dessert? Then go for the bourbon and cola sticky pudding with vanilla bean ice cream. Hell, I would (and I’m not even a dessert person).

Doctor John’s ‘Apple a Day’ ($16)
Doctor John’s ‘Apple a Day’ ($16)

It was something like 36 degrees that day. And for a moron like me, that meant sit-outside-in-the-sun weather (hey, I’m from Melbourne – cut me some slack!). With a pitcher of ice cold water in one hand and the cocktail list on the other, I chose the most refreshing-sounding cocktail, the Apple a Day. It was a flirty mixture of Mt Gay rum, peach and apple Schnapps, apple juice and fresh lemon juice, topped with a spicy coconut and cinnamon foam. Oh boy.

House cheese Kransky, soft bun, jalapeno ($13)
House cheese Kransky, soft bun, jalapeno ($13)

As much as I would have loved to try half the dishes on the menu, I chose something relatively small to nibble on because I wasn’t terribly hungry. Also, you know, Perth heat. I was expecting something small (think Golden Fields’ lobster roll) but what I got was practically a meal in itself.


So the homemade Kransky was filled with a lovely gooey cheese sauce and the whole thing was covered in grated cheese – because as if we couldn’t get enough cheese (I know I couldn’t). On the side there was a sour green pickle to cut through the salty cheesiness as well as a small bottle of Louisiana hot sauce for that extra bun. It was amazing.

Sadly, the cheese Kransky is no longer on the lunch menu as far as I know. However, there are a lot of dishes that I desperately want to try. In fact, The Old Crow would probably the first place I’d be having a meal at the next time I’m in Perth.

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I eat too much.

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  1. Choc Chip Uru
    May 3, 2014

    Wow 36 degree heat and they still managed to please? I want to try this place 😀

    Choc Chip Uru


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