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113 St David Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065
+61 9416 0060

Happy Friday, everyone! And just before I head down to the gym for a weights session, I figured I’d squeeze out one more post before I leave the office. After all, it’s about time I published my write-up of Jimmy Grants, the fancy schmancy souvlaki joint that’s been taking Melbourne by storm since it opened last year to a lot of fanfare. Once the hype died down though, Dave, Daisy and I went down there for dinner one spring evening.


By now, we should know that Jimmy Grants belongs to Masterchef judge George Calombaris who also owns an empire of restaurants that’s bigger than the Byzantine Empire in its heyday.

You’re probably wondering why the name of the place doesn’t sound, well, woggy. Put simply, Jimmy Grants rhymes with ‘immigrants’ and the whole point of this restaurant to celebrate all that is awesome about the immigrants that make up Melbourne today. And in George’s case, he does it with souvlaki.


Oh George, you’re so cheeky!


It didn’t take long for the food to arrive.

Chips, garlic oil, feta, oregano ($6)
Chips, garlic oil, feta, oregano ($6)

The chips were beautifully fried but I felt that the combination of strong feta AND pungent garlic oil overpowered the chips. They were also pretty salty. If they got rid of one ingredient, I think the dish would have been more balanced.

Steamed ‘Jimmy Dimmy’ (three pieces for $6)
Steamed ‘Jimmy Dimmy’ (three pieces for $6)

Jimmy Grants’ take on the good ol’ fish and chip shop dim sims are a popular dish so we had to have them. My workmates might call me the resident food snob but I actually don’t mind the odd dimmie (in fact, I snuck one in before the Alain de Botton talk last night).


I can see why these dimmies get a lot of love – beautifully thin wonton wrappers tightly held together a lovely mixture of chicken, cabbage, capers and lemon. When dipped in soy sauce, they tasted sublime. They also didn’t make my breath stink afterwards like the fish and chip shop ones do, hah.

Grain salad ($8)
Grain salad ($8)

We only ordered a salad just to keep things balanced but little did we know that we were going to get blown away with this salad. A simple medley of pulses, nuts, grains, herbs and a dollop of Greek yoghurt completed the food equivalent of the School of Athens – it was brain food that tasted so damn good and was filling.

The Bonegilla ($8.50)
The Bonegilla ($8.50)

We each had a souvlaki of varying kinds. I ordered the Bonegilla, which was named after the migrant camp in rural Victoria that housed European migrants after WWII. My meat filling was equal parts chicken and lamb while chips, caramelised onions, parsley and mustard aioli completed the package.

It was HELLA GOOD (hah, see what I did just then?). I loved that the bread was slightly doughy rather than flat. I also liked that there was a perfect ratio between meat and trimmings. It was also ridiculously cheap for what it was, maybe even cheaper than what my local fish and chips shop charge for a souvlaki.

Greek doughnuts, walnuts and honey ($6)
Greek doughnuts, walnuts and honey ($6)

One does not leave a George Calombaris restaurant without enjoying his loukamades (Greek doughnuts). These ones did not disappoint – they were dense and oh-so-good with all the honey while the crunchy walnuts provided a bit of texture.

Jimmy’s wheel ($6)
Jimmy’s wheel ($6)

Daisy and I took home Jimmy Grant’s version of a Wagon Wheel, a store-brought snack that was popular in school grounds. I was never a fan of the original Wagon Wheel but I’m definitely a fan of Jimmy’s Wheel! Made by Darren Purchese of B&P fame, these babies were massive and packed to the rafters with flavour.


Think crispy chocolate biscuit combined with fluffy raspberry marshmallow with salted peanut butter shoving its way in, and chocolate and peanuts covering the lot. Oh my! It was insanely rich but whatevs, I ate the whole lot in one go.

Greece’s economy might be gone to shit but the Calombaris Empire is most definitely not. Especially when places like Jimmy Grants are doing a roaring trade – and for good reason too: this place is amazing. Fitzroy may be a long way to get a Jimmy Grants souvie for some so it’s a good thing they’re opening up a second store at the Emporium Melbourne building very soon. OPA!

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I eat too much.

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  1. Those dim sum look great! Love the sound of the filling too! 😀


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