Review: Lei Garden Tsim Sha Tsui (Kowloon, Hong Kong)

B-2 Houston Centre
63 Mody Road
Tsim Sha Tsui East
Kowloon, Hong Kong
+852 2722 1636

Upon our return from Macau, we weren’t actually that hungry. While my folks went wandering around town, my siblings and I went back to our hotel room to piss fart around on the internet. It was clear who the party animals in the family were.

At 10pm, however, we started to get hungry so we decided to head out for a late dinner. There just so happened to be a Michelin-stared restaurant across the road from where we were staying so of course, I wanted to check the place out – Lei Garden. Okay fine, it wasn’t the actual restaurant that got handed the lauded star but a whole bunch of restaurants in the Lei Garden franchise. In fact, the branch we went to (Tsim Sha Tsui branch) had not received a star since 2012. But whatever, I still wanted to go.

Lei Garden is a mid-to-high end Chinese restaurant that supposedly does excellent yum cha lunches. Their dinner menu is Cantonese a la carte fare – but not the sort of Cantonese you find in Box Hill. Oh sure, there were noodles on the menu (which weren’t available on the night we went) but fellow diners were happily munching on more unusual dishes such as double-boiled snow frogs and crocodile meat with sea coconut. If I wasn’t with such fussy company, I would have been keen to try those dishes too.

BBQ Peking Duck (HKD$178 (AUD$26.97) for half a duck)
BBQ Peking Duck (HKD$178 (AUD$26.97) for half a duck)

Instead we went for the much safer option of half a Peking Duck (which apparently wasn’t safe enough for my super-fussy brother). I loved how they cut up the spring onions, curled the ends and then tied them neatly in a bundle with a sliced chilli ring.


The Peking Duck was excellent. Each piece had the right amount of fat to sate me, and also my health-conscious sister who is very much ‘ew yuck fat’ these days. The best bit, however, was the sinfully crispy skin that graced each piece of tender duck.


The rest of the duck was chopped into pieces and sautéed with a light soy sauce – also delicious.

Braised birds nest soup with fresh crab meat and minced chicken (HKD$218 (AUD$33))
Braised birds nest soup with fresh crab meat and minced chicken (HKD$218 (AUD$33))

Birds nest soup costs a fortune in Melbourne (something like AUD$150+ for a small bowl) so when I saw that they were selling it for only AUD$33, I ordered a bowl straight away. My siblings refused to try any (how on earth are we related?!) which suited me just fine. The soup was amazing and each spoonful was a textural orgasm containing slippery strands of birds nest, fleshy crab meat and chicken. I enjoyed every bit of it.

My siblings baulked at the AUD$60 bill (it also included Chinese and a 10% service charge) but I thought it was a reasonable price to pay for good quality food. Plus, I was pretty full too. I’d like to go back to Lei Garden for yum cha if I can squeeze it in on my next trip to Hong Kong. If not, then I’d be happy to settle for a late night birds nest soup supper again.

I eat too much.


  1. Catherine
    February 11, 2014

    So jealous of all your HK eats. It makes me want to travel so badly!

  2. msihua
    February 17, 2014

    W00t! You didn’t have to tell us about the stars.. we would have believed you!

  3. scrambled megs
    February 19, 2014

    I really am the biggest sucker for duck and now I am craving it! lovely post x


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