Review: Tai Cheong Bakery (Central, Hong Kong)

35 Lyndhurst Terrace
Central, Hong Kong
+852 2544 3475

I ate so many egg tarts during my trip that it’ll be a while before I can even think about touching another one. In fact, I’m starting to hate them as much as I hate dawdlers and shopping. However, there was a brief moment during my trip where I actually loved them. Yep, I loved them like I love an Enrique or Usher song for the first two minutes before Pitbull barges in. And Pitbull was Macau, where I ate the majority of the egg tarts in a single day. Yes, a DAY. Serves me right, hey.


So this is Tai Cheong Bakery, home of Hong Kong’s best egg tarts. I first heard about it from Daisy, the self-proclaimed Queen of Sweets and expert on all things Hong Kong. Then a few of my other friends started talking about this place. Before I knew it, I was dodging half a dozen swerving fruit trucks in Central Hong Kong, walking up Lyndhurst Terrace and into the painted green shop.

Egg tarts (HKD$6 (AUD$0.91) each)
Egg tarts (HKD$6 (AUD$0.91) each)

Rocking up early will give you the best chance of scoring these beauties while they’re still hot – and I happen to be strange in that I’m an early riser when I’m NOT in Melbourne so I was here at 8am. While they still taste good when they’re cool, they’re 10 billion times better when they’re still fresh from the oven.

Are these really Hong Kong’s best egg tarts? Well, they’re certainly a worthy contender. While I prefer the flaky pastry of the Portuguese egg tart kind, Tai Cheong Bakery uses shortcrust pastry instead – and that’s what a lot of people didn’t like about the egg tarts here. But the filling! Oh my, the filling. It was so creamy, so buttery and so wonderfully soft. Hands down, the finest egg tart filling I’ve ever had. If only flaky pastry was used, then we’d have a winner of Seattle Seahawks-like proportion.

I eat too much.

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  1. Hannah
    February 5, 2014

    When my dad got back from his trip to Hong Kong a few years ago, he was devastated that there were no more egg tarts outside his front door for 50c. Clearly, he didn’t eat enough of them if he wasn’t sick o’ them by the end. 😉


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