Review: The Café @ Hotel Mulia Senayan (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Senayan City
JL Asia Afrika Senayan
Jakarta 10270

Greetings from Hong Kong!

I’m currently travelling for the next two weeks but because I’m awesome, I’m going to try and blog as much as I can in between bouts of stuffing my face with street food and dodging ‘how come you’re not married yet?’ questions from nosy Indonesian aunties.

From this point on, I’ll start documenting my foodie adventures rather than wait until I get back to Melbourne. The last time I did it, I never ended up finishing my posts. Shame on me.

So anyway, yesterday the family and I got invited to lunch at Hotel Mulia, one of the pimpiest hotels in downtown Jakarta. Hotel Mulia is home to a few fancy restaurants and I visited one last year, Table8. This time we were going to The Café, an upmarket buffet restaurant. Despite the heavy rain and despite Jakarta’s horrific traffic conditions, we somehow made it only 5 minutes late.

Unfortunately for us, our table was not ready so we had to wait 10 minutes in the lobby. Once we were called up, we were told that we weren’t allowed to take any photos of the restaurant and the food. That sucked if you were a DLSR-toting food blogger – not that it stopped me from using my iPhone to take a few sneaky shots!


There are as many buffet stations here as there are Louis Vuitton handbags. While most places have their buffet stations in the one place, the stations here were scatted all over the place. In fact, the ‘Western food’ section was so hidden that I would not have realised it was there but for my nosy brother who had a bit of a wander around the restaurant.


Oh look! There’s my uncle! And dad!


My first plate was a Japanese and dim sum affair, just the way I like it. We were sitting with the family of the guy who my relatives are keen to set my cousin up with (she was conveniently sick yesterday and didn’t attend this lunch, hah). The guy (let’s call him S) was there too and he telling me off for eating yum cha when I had all week to indulge in that sort of food in Hong Kong. Yeah whatever, mate. Sif tell me what to eat! Especially since the har gows were actually quite good – definitely better than most I’ve had in Jakarta!

The sashimi wasn’t the freshest I’ve had but it was good for buffet quality. The tuna tataki, however, suffered from having too much pepper on it. I’m not sure if that was the way Indonesians prefer to eat tataki, or whether the cooks were trying to mask something. Hmm.


S then made a comment about how my siblings and I throw everything together onto our buffet plates. For example, why mix Indian food and chicken buns together? He said that it must be an Aussie thing but I’m not sure as I’ve always ‘done’ buffet restaurants like this? In contrast, his first plate was an all-Japanese affair, his second plate had chips and burgers and he saved his final savoury plate for the Indonesian dishes. I might be doing it wrong, but whatever.


How’s this for an even more random buffet plate? I had bresaola, prosciutto and jamon along with dahl. I also had some coconut rice wrapped in banana leaf from the Indonesian food section but the line to the actual Indonesian dishes was friggin’ long so I went without, hah.


Say what?! Angasi oysters from all the way in Australia?!


You actually had to walk across the hallway to another room for desserts. And even though I’m not big on desserts, I couldn’t help but be impressed at the range. They had everything from gelati to eclairs to little cake, both European and Indonesian.

I grabbed a green tea ice cream from the freezer along with two Indonesian favourites, profitjets (Dutch pancakes) and spekkoek (or kue lapis/Indonesian layer cake) covered in chocolate. They were all excellent.

I may only have three had not-so-full plates (and one dessert plate) but I was pretty full – no dinner for me that night! I’m not sure how much the buffet was per person so I can’t say whether dining at The Café is good value for money. Nevertheless, The Café is better than most buffet restaurants I’ve been to and the har gow dumplings are better than most in Jakarta.

I eat too much.


  1. Hannah
    January 14, 2014

    Poffertjes!!!! I was just telling someone here in Toronto today that I miss finding poffertjes at every festival in Australia. ‘Course, you’re in Hong Kong, but whatever. Mini pancakes!

  2. Winston
    January 18, 2014

    I remember you mentioned to me as well that your famliy love buffets! What a great common interest/tradition to share with the family. I love buffets in Asia just fantastic arrays. Although I like the ones in Melbourne too but preference always leans towards the ones I’ve had growing up. What we do need in Melbourne, however, is a kickass Japanese buffet. Would totes rock the Melb food scene haha. Hope you’re enjoying the rest of your travels, Lib!

  3. martin kim honeywell
    November 19, 2014

    it is nothing special for me I taste better than hotel mulia

    1. libishski
      November 25, 2014

      I’m sure you do, Martin x


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