Review: Sushi Bay Robina (Gold Coast, QLD)

Shop 1004, Robina Town Centre
Robina Town Centre Dr
Robina QLD 4230
+61 7 5580 8159

Robina Town Centre may boast a decent collection of retail outlets but when it comes to eateries, you’re better off going elsewhere. That said, there is a Squires Loft and a couple of places where you can get dumplings so all is not lost on the foodie front. They even have a sushi train restaurant.


Now I’ve never been one to proclaim my undying love for sushi train restaurants but I have to say that Sushi Bay has its place at RTC. Not because it’s super-fantastic but because it’s cheap and quick and the food isn’t awful either – perfect for a pre-movie snack if all you want is a few bites. Marty and I weren’t going to the movies that night but we did have somewhere else we needed to be so we thought a few plates of sushi would do the trick.

Salmon, tuna, avocado sushi ($3.50)

Salmon, tuna, avocado sushi ($3.50)

The salmon, tuna and avocado sushi was a safe first choice and while I can’t really say the salmon was the freshest, the sushi did the job at $3.50 a plate.

Chicken teriyaki temaki ($4.50)
Chicken teriyaki temaki ($4.50)

Marty enjoys the chicken teriyaki temaki, which is made to order. I didn’t actually get to have a bite of it but given how quickly Marty gobbled it up, suffice to say that it would have been pretty tasty.

Tuna and salmon sushi ($3.50)
Tuna and salmon sushi ($3.50)

I noticed that every other plate that rolled past us essentially contained different permutations of tuna, salmon, avocado and cucumber, not least this fishy number that just so happened to have a random slice of orange in the middle. Like the first sushi dish we had, it wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t sublime either.

Crab croquette ($3.50)
Crab croquette ($3.50)

I must say that I have a weakness for crab croquettes and these babies came fresh out of the fryer so they were crunchy and delicious. Sadly, I had to leave room for my stomach for whatever we were doing later that evening or else I would happily ordered another one.

While I wouldn’t recommend Sushi Bay for those flying in from out of town, it’s nevertheless an alright place if you just want a quick bite and ain’t particularly fussy about food quality. The service is super-fast so if you have only 20 or so minutes to spare before your movie starts (or if you happen to work at nearby Foxtel and are on a 30-minute lunch break), then Sushi Bay will hit the spot.

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I eat too much.

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  1. ChopinandMysaucepan
    December 13, 2013

    Dear Libby,

    This sushi does look ordinary compared to some awesome ones here in Sydney.


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