Review: Canteen Kitchen (Gold Coast, QLD)

23 Park Avenue
Burleigh Heads QLD 4220
+61 7 5534 3877

Burleigh Heads has got to be my favourite area in the Gold Coast. It’s in a central location, the beach is right at your doorstep and there are more than a handful of decent restaurants to sate your appetite. The thing I have to whinge about is that it’s always packed and it can often be hard to find parking, even on weekdays – do these beach bums not work?!

Regardless, Marty and I found parking near the bowls club and off we went up Park Avenue for some breakfast at Canteen Kitchen, the then-new sister café to Canteen Coffee, a coffee kiosk that’s been giving Burleigh residents their coffee fix for quite some time now.

Cold-pressed latte ($6)
Cold-pressed latte ($6)

With the Gold Coast sun blaring down on us that morning, I thought a cold-pressed latte would be the perfect thing to cool me down. It was beautifully milky with only the slightest hint of sweetness. Obviously having the milk and ice there meant that it wasn’t as strong as a hot latte but it did perk me up.

West African iced chocolate ($6)
West African iced chocolate ($6)

Marty had the West African iced chocolate, presumably called so because the cocoa beans come from West Africa. It was a stronger drink than my latte but we both preferred my latte – the iced chocolate was a bit too strong for my liking.

Lamb kofta burger, beetroot relish, Lebanese cucumber, minted yoghurt ($16)
Lamb kofta burger, beetroot relish, Lebanese cucumber, minted yoghurt ($16)

Canteen Kitchen’s menu dabbles into Middle Eastern territory, thus it is no surprise that lamb koftas, broad beans and labneh make regular appearances on patrons’ tables. Marty ordered the lamb kofta burger, which was full of fresh ingredients.


Marty thought the burger was alright but not fantastic. I had to agree – the lamb could have done with a bit more spice, especially since both the minted yoghurt and beetroot relish, although fresh, had muted flavours.

Scrambled egg, za’atar flat bread, labneh, green olives, lamb kofta ($18)
Scrambled egg, za’atar flat bread, labneh, green olives, lamb kofta ($18)

My scrambled egg with lamb kofta dish was much more flavoursome. The za’atar spices gave the dish a generous dose of oomph, while the flat bread and scrambled eggs got me full even before the halfway mark. Still, I managed to finish the whole thing off – after all, I can never waste good green olives!

Our breakfast at Canteen Kitchen pretty much cements Burleigh’s reputation for being the best area for food on the Gold Coast. While I wouldn’t be recommending the lamb kofta burger to anyone, I can definitely recommend their cold-pressed coffees and the Middle Eastern-inspired menu is a fresh change from the eggs/avocado/savoury mince dishes and Merlo coffee combo that most Gold Coast cafés spruik.

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  1. Being quite new to Melbourne, I peruse your blog from time to time in order to educate myself… You really seem to know your stuff (including how to master surreptitious food photography!). I wonder if you could recommend a couple of places you would guess would be great for Christmas lunch? Only a party of two – the other is a visitor too. I live in Windsor, so would love to find a place on that side of town. (BTW, it’s not that would usually leave it this late to organise but and have had no luck with the 4 places I’ve tried so far!). If some places spring to mind I would be most grateful if you could share them with me. Thanks!

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