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It’s pissing down rain and there seems to be a blackout in my area as we speak – but thank goodness for wireless internet and laptops, hey?


It was also raining when Amy, Sophie and I met up for dinner just over a month ago. We decided to finally check out the new Thai street food restaurant that opened up in South Wharf earlier this year, BangPop (yep, that’s the place with all the bikes out the front).


If you think this bar looks familiar, you’re probably not wrong. Yes, BangPop sits on the former site of Sharing House restaurant. I was shocked to hear that Sharing House exited Melbourne’s tough dining scene without so much as a farewell tour a la John Farnham. However, such a dignified exit was probably for the best as the BangPop circus steamrolled into town prompted by a flurry of activity on Twitter.

Both Sharing House and BangPop are part of super-restaurateur Paul Mathis’ portfolio. Just like his former project Sharing House, BangPop is all about sharing fun and dynamic dishes at reasonable prices (that is, reasonable for South Wharf) with friends. In this case, Paul Mathis has brought together head chef Kam McManamey and Thai stallholder Yaigum to come up with an explosive menu that celebrates all things north-eastern Thai, or Isan.

And what’s with the name? ‘Bang’ essentially means ‘village by the stream’ in Thai, while ‘pop’ refers to the vibrant colours and flavours that pretty much sums up what the restaurant is all about (it is possibly also a nod to the Lego bar, too).

Smoked Margarita – tequila, fresh lime juice, agave syrup and smoked salt

Smoked Margarita – tequila, fresh lime juice, agave syrup and smoked salt

The cocktails here are normally $15, which is cheap enough as it is, but if you happen to rock up between 5-7pm, they’re a paltry $12. Score. My fiery Smoked Margarita, which made my taste buds tingle in a good way, was just an example of things to come…

Fish sauce, sugar, chilli sauce and chilli jam.

Fish sauce, sugar, chilli sauce and chilli jam

There were tubs of condiments on each table and I was actually impressed that they had a comprehensive selection.

Kai Chae Nae Pla Tod – marinated chicken spare ribs fried with nam jim talay and pickled shallots ($12.90)

Kai Chae Nae Pla Tod – marinated chicken spare ribs fried with nam jim talay and pickled shallots ($12.90)

We started off with some marinated chicken spare ribs, as recommended by Daisy. They were beautifully tender and full of flavour, with a slight hint of spice.

Num Tok Moo – marinated chargrilled pork neck salad ($15.90)

Num Tok Moo – marinated chargrilled pork neck salad ($15.90)

We then enjoyed the pork neck salad, which came with a generous handful of herbs.


For some reason, I was expecting the tender bits of pork to be sweeter – like Chinese sausage – so I was surprised to find them tangy and slightly salty thanks to all the fish sauce. I decided that I liked them though.

Gaeng Daeng Phed – slow cooked duck leg red curry with basil, fresh chilli and roast coconut ($24.90)

Gaeng Daeng Phed – slow cooked duck leg red curry with basil, fresh chilli and roast coconut ($24.90)

The duck leg red curry wasn’t bad, though I did find it a bit sweet. I also thought that it could have done with a bit more chilli in it – thank goodness for the condiments, eh? Those points aside, the duck was buttery soft and the dish, once I dressed it up with more fish sauce and chilli, was the perfect one to enjoy with some rice on such a cold evening.

Pad thai ($14.90)

Pad thai ($14.90)

Call me a gweilo, but I wasn’t going to leave without ordering a serving of pad thai. I love that stuff, okay?


For some reason, BangPop’s version is vegetarian. While I would have loved to see some chicken or prawn mixed in with the noodles, I thought it was a pretty good pad thai. Okay, so I did have to add a bit of sugar in it because it was almost not sweet enough (what the?!) but everything else was great. I loved the chewy texture of the noodles and more importantly, the generous portion.

Saku Song Kreuang – tapioca and pandan pudding with mango sorbet ($10.90)

Saku Song Kreuang – tapioca and pandan pudding with mango sorbet ($10.90)

Unfortunately, Sophie had to go at this point so she wasn’t able to enjoy dessert with us. That was fine – more dessert for us! We shared a dessert that was pretty damn impressive. My favourite bit was the flavoursome mango sorbet topped with roasted coconut, though we both also though the chewy tapioca balls and smooth pandan pudding provided a fun textural contrast.

Despite the fact that I had to adjust each of the mains using the condiments provided (a good thing or a bad thing? you decide), I thought our dinner was successful overall. There are hardly any good Thai restaurants in or around the CBD so I was pleasantly surprised to find that BangPop proved to be a decent option. Of course, it’s still slightly out of the way for most and of course, it’s much easier to have Thai at your local suburban restaurant at similar prices. But if you happen to be wandering around the Crown Casino/South Wharf area, then BangPop would do the trick.

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  1. CCU
    July 19, 2013 at 06:43 (3 years ago)

    A good Thai is a brilliant find, I am addicted to the cuisine 😀
    Great photos!

    Choc Chip Uru

    P.S I will not be commenting for 4 weeks due to exams – see you afterwards :)

  2. Hannah
    July 19, 2013 at 10:46 (3 years ago)

    I’d be happy with the margarita and then the dessert.

  3. Erika
    July 22, 2013 at 22:08 (3 years ago)

    Awesome, a new Thai place! Everything looks great, especially the tapioca and pandan pudding. And I, too, am a sucker for pad thai, haha. :)

  4. msihua (@msihua)
    July 23, 2013 at 14:49 (3 years ago)

    hahah pad thai.. oh no… I did love the pork neck and the sausages here.. yum town!

  5. Jo
    July 24, 2013 at 16:52 (3 years ago)

    I found the duck curry slightly sweet too. and the array of condiments weren’t available when I went.

    • libishski
      July 25, 2013 at 11:18 (3 years ago)

      Damn, you must have visited before they introduced the condiments idea :(

  6. Sophie
    July 25, 2013 at 06:14 (3 years ago)

    Good noms. So tempted to return there for a massive feast before I head off again!

    And great job with the pictures – the lighting wasn’t the best that night if I remember.

    • libishski
      July 25, 2013 at 11:16 (3 years ago)

      ISO is your friend! And still can’t believe you’re leaving :(

  7. Kieren
    July 26, 2013 at 17:43 (3 years ago)

    Hey Libby

    Food looks really delicious. I was curious as to what the Sharing House was going to be transformed into. Glad to see it’s a great Thai restaurant, look forward to possibly eating there in the future :)


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