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What would you get you put Meatloaf and Wolfmother’s Andrew Stockdale in the same room? Well, probably NOTHING. But if you were to play along at home, your answer ought to be Meatmother (geddit? geddit?).

Because I’m sure that’s how the owners of Melbourne’s newest American-influenced BBQ restaurant came up with the restaurant’s name.

I caught up with Matt a few weeks ago to give this restaurant a try upon recommendations by several fellow bloggers. A menu boasting free-range local produce and meat that’s been smoked ‘low and slow’ for up to 12 hours? What’s not to love?! Well, everything if you’re a vegetarian, I suppose…


We rocked up at 6pm on a Thursday evening, thinking that it would be empty. After all, it was a miserably cold and rainy night – not that I expect anything less from Melbourne these days! To our surprise, it was reasonably busy. In hindsight, I think we were pretty lucky to even score a table next to the kitchen which resulted in my clothes and hair smelling strongly like meat and smoke. Mmmm.

Bacon sour ($15)
Bacon sour ($15)

Hipsters trying to be ironic seems to be a common theme these days so I wasn’t surprised when I saw Jim Beam and Old Crow being offered on the menu (though my workmate Sean wasn’t terribly impressed – ‘LOL LOL LOL these jokers serve Old Crow? HAH!’). Thankfully, there is a list of interesting cocktails such as the Bacon Sour at very reasonable prices. Strangely, the mixture of bacon-infused Maker’s Mark, lemon, bitters and candied bacon worked… and very well too.

Bottle of Panther and Chief sauces
Bottle of Panther and Chief sauces

There are bottles of home-made sauces on each table. Because our food was just too delicious on their own, we never got around to trying any of the sauces. Next time, I will remember to dab a bit of Panther sauce (Carolina-style vinegar and chilli flake sauce) on my ribs and Chief sauce, a Kansas City-style ketchup, on my chips.

Slider v Slider ($7)
Slider v Slider ($7)

The name of this dish reminded me of Kramer v Kramer, heh. For a paltry $7, we received two beef brisket sliders with slaw. The smoky brisket tasted lovely, though perhaps a bit dry. That said, I can’t complain as most places charge $7 for ONE slider whereas we got two here. Score.

Texas sandwich ($14); mac and cheese ($4)
Texas sandwich ($14); mac and cheese ($4)

Matt ordered the Texas sandwich with mac and cheese on the side. Ever heard of a Texas toast? I hadn’t until tonight. It was essentially lightly buttered fried thick white bread – and not the fancy schmancy organic sourdough that’s been kissed by fairies kind either.


I don’t normally eat supermarket white bread as I find it too sweet but this was the bomb! I loved how crunchy and thick it was, and how well it absorbed the grease and flavours of the pulled pork and chipotle slaw juices.

Spare ribs meat tray ($21)
Spare ribs meat tray ($21)

The ‘go to’ order at Meatmother is their meat tray. Pick a meat (ribs, brisket or pulled pork) and a side and both will be served with two crispy Texas toast halves. Prices range from $19-21, depending on what sort of meat you order and of course, the option to order extra meat for a small charge is always there.

I ordered the spare ribs tray, choosing the mac and cheese for my side. Yes, I know I committed the cardinal food bloggers’ sin of choosing the same thing as a fellow diner (GASP!) but my cravings for it overrode any yearning to sample something different for the sake of blogging. I chose correctly for the mad and cheese was beautiful – it was sinfully creamy and tasty, with only the slightest hints of most-likely mustard to give it that little twist. As for the ribs, my they were so damn good. The meat fell off the bone like it was butter and the sauce was smoky, sweet and tangy at the same time. Better than Squires Loft? Better than Mike’s Kitchen? I think so!

It may not look like a lot of food but we were so full that we had to give up dessert. We were both impressed with our Meatmother experience – the service was fantastic all throughout our meal even though it got busier towards the end and the food was, as you can obviously see, sublime. I’ll definitely be coming back in a hurry for another serving of ribs and mac. Too bad I don’t work around the area or I’ll definitely take advantage of Meatmother’s cheaper lunch options. Sigh.

Postscript: I’ll be in Sydney for the rest of the week. In other words, don’t freak out if you see no new posts for about a week or so.

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  1. YAY You made it to Meatmother how good are the ribs and the soft soft bread 🙂 A shame you were too full to have dessert because the sticky toffee pudding was super amazing!!! I want moreeeee let’s go back other 🙂

    1. I understand that meat is not always easy to plate up – yuck, all that brown! However, not all pretty dishes taste good just as lots of unattractive dishes can taste divine 🙂

  2. You gave up dessert??!!! We ordered one of each dessert available (only 2) and shared it between the 5 of us.. so well worth it!

  3. Zoooooomg Lib this place is SERIOUSLY the place to be!! I’m such a carnivore through and through and this place really is my heaven. Have to make my way on a massive meat fest soon. Time to round up the boys. Thx for the recommendation, I’m really looking forward to try now

    1. For any reason in particular?

      Each time I’ve been there the food has been very good and the service has been excellent. I’ve always had a follow up call from them the next day to ask if everything had been to my satisfaction and if there were any issues I wanted to raise.

      1. I went to the restaurant today when a friends treat.

        We had the starters and some new yorkers. Nothing had a feel of a good meal. Also we were caution to rush our meal because the table is reserved.

        Just for hypes and they do not have proper procedure in presentation, food and there are no offers.

        Staff members are not professional in a kind hospitable feel. Either they rush to deliver or be rude to finish their orders. They are very amateur.

      2. Evidence here mate-

        Ambiance =5/10 – Pumping music loud & noisy
        Staff attitude = 4/10
        Food= 5/10 (Hyped to the core.. The management did not even come and visit our table. They convinced me that they will visit the table to check out the meal)

        Menu= 5.5/10
        Price & Value = Super Expensive (Wasted 100 Dollars for nothing)

        Ordered Items-
        Wait time- 30 mins for the starter and 1 hours for the meal.Wine was not properly served..
        Wine- Some cabernet Sauv which did not even know the name but it was the best,I guess its Wynn.(Some North Indian staff explained and cannot understand the accent.) and force to buy spring water which was terrible.

        1- African Farmers Sausage- Half cooked and not filling- The onions were not fresh and tasteless

        2- Monte Gold- New Yorker (Why cannot they keep the name Porterhouse Steak)

        3- Fried onions- Dip sauce tasted poor. I asked for simple chilli sauce and it was bad and the way they presented the food.They charged for it.

        4- Rump Camp- Half Baked Skewer with Half cooked meat & some portions of meat are burnt.

        5- Beef Ribs- Total moist with the marinade- Too much of lemon in it. The marinade selection is not apt to the ribs grilled.

        Please do not visit Meat Wine & Co.

  4. I can’t catch up with all these restaurants popping up like weeds! Meatmother has been high on my wishlist and I still haven’t been! those ribssssssss!

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