Miami Marketta (Miami, QLD)

23 Hillcrest Parade
Miami QLD 4220

When I heard that a new night market opened up on the ‘Coast in April, I knew I had to go on my next visit. Sick of spending Saturday nights at Liars with idiot neighbours and watching Collingwood lose to lesser teams on Foxtel, Marty agreed to accompany me to Miami Marketta one Saturday.


Touted as Gold Coast’s ‘new street/laneway dining experience,’ Miami Marketta is certainly one of a kind. Opening from 4pm and going right through until 10pm, the night market is a great place to take the kids, catch up with friends and grab a bite in a busy yet friendly environment. And the best bit? most Gold Coastitutes wouldn’t have to drive too far to get there.


With around twenty-five food vendors offering street food from Spain, Italy, Thailand, the States and even Hungary, there is bound to be something for everyone. There is even a designated dessert hall for sugar lovers (i.e. not me).


Additionally, there’s a boutique local beer and wine where you can listen to whoever is the live act for the evening. While I loved the jazz music that was playing on the night we went, I wasn’t too sure whether I’ll add that pale ale from Burleigh Brewing Company to my list of favourite beers.

Our friends Dominique and Kate, who were already at the market when we arrived, didn’t last too long there. It wasn’t because they thought it sucked, but because they spent the entire afternoon visiting several wineries in the Mt Tamborine area. Needless to say, a night at home watching Disney movies and nursing fuzzy heads was more appealing than eating and more drinking with Libby and Marty.


As soon as Marty and I heard that there was a Hungarian stand, we headed right there. It was a lovely night for goulash but we came only for the lángos, or Hungarian bread. Having tried them for the first time at the Gold Coast Big Day Out two years ago, I couldn’t wait to have them again.


We ordered the cheese and garlic lángos which came with lots and lots of sour cream. The bread was beautifully crispy and golden, and chewy in the middle. It won’t get the Heart Foundation’s tick of approval, but it did get the Libby approval in terms of taste. Now, where can I get these beauties in Melbourne?


American dude food is all the rage across Australia right now and we’re both happily on board. At Miami Marketta, JR’s Smokehouse BBQ’s food truck is there serving everything from smoky ribs to brisket. It was only 6:30pm when we arrived, but the stoned chick manning the counter told us that everything on the menu was sold out except for the pulled pork burger and potato salad combo. Yes, she really was stoned.


Regardless, the pulled pork was sweet and smoky, and acted like a proper meal on its own (we did away with the buns). We thought the creamy potato salad made a great pairing too.


I was actually quite full after all that but Marty, being Marty, couldn’t walk away form the Turkish stand without buying a lamb gözleme. At $10 a pop, he did say that it was more expensive that what you can get in Sydney Road but nevertheless tasted good especially when dipped in hummus.


Bah cupcakes. If you know me, you know that I can be pretty vocal about these overrated, nasty things. To me, they’re pretty one-dimensional and way too sweet. That said, we saw quite a few people buy some chocolate bourbon cupcakes with peanut butter icing so we decided to buy a few to share with the family.


Anything with peanut butter tastes awesome by default so I knew that I wasn’t going to throw my portion away in disgust. While it was still pretty sweet, the cake itself was moist and dense and I appreciated the saltiness of the peanut butter.


My workmate Amy has been looking all over Melbourne for whoopie pies, which are little ‘cake biscuits’ with a creamy filling inside. She’s been unsuccessful so imagine my delight when I saw that a lady was selling them in the desserts hall. I bought a couple of salted caramel ones to take home to Amy, who was equally delighted.


Okay, so I couldn’t help but share one with Marty. Like the cupcakes, the cake was moist and dense while the cream cheese filling was velvety. These babies might have been deceptively small, but they were surprisingly very filling. Amy has since gone on to bake some delicious red velvet ones and because I’m a copycat, don’t be surprised if you see me flaunt some whoopie pies of my own on Instagram (psst, my handle is @libishski if you want to follow me).

We loved Miami Marketta and from the huge crowd that congregated on that mild autumn evening, so does the rest of the Gold Coast. When Kate visited Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market the following weekend, she said that Miami Marketta seemed ‘crap’ in comparison. I disagree. Sure, Miami Marketta might be smaller and sure it’s only open for several hours on Saturday but I do like the community aspect of it and the fact that it’s so intimate. My only complaint is that it attracts TOO many people (not a bad thing for the organisers, of course) so a bigger venue is required to avoid being squashed by Burleigh Brewing Company-swigging stoners.

I eat too much.


  1. CCU
    June 5, 2013

    I love the ambience of having a huge crowd – delicious food is a brilliant bonus 😀


  2. Hotly Spiced
    June 6, 2013

    It does seem very crowded but that does seem the way it is on the Gold Coast. It looks like you found some great things there. I do love the look of the whoopie pie xx

  3. emma
    June 6, 2013

    Thanks for the review, it is nice to hear an honest review from people you dont know!
    Of course compared to the Vic markets we seem crap because that market is amazing, plus they have the population to have the density, the gold coast is only just on the verge of cultural enthusiasm. Hope to see you visit again.

    1. libishski
      June 8, 2013

      Thanks for stopping by, Emma. Miami Marketta is by no means ‘crap’ and it’s a bit unfair to compare it to Queen Vic market because, you’re right, Melbourne is much bigger in terms of size and population. I do think that Gold Coast needs a place like Miami Marketta and I’m so glad to see that it’s been a raging success so far. All the best with it and I will definitely visit again when I’m up next 🙂


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