MoVida Bakery

3 Tivoli Road
South Yarra VIC 3141
+61 3 9041 4345

I’m not quite done with my Indonesia posts just yet – so why am I taking you all back to Melbourne? Long story short, I have all my Indonesia photos on my iMac which doesn’t seem to be playing nice at the moment. All I need to do is click the mouse once before that bloody colourful wheel of death appears. It gloats, mocks and laughs at my red and flustered face. It looks like I’ll need to reformat my iMac. I can’t find the disc that’s required to start things up again but when I do, just you wait you stupid, stupid wheel!

In the mean time, I’m using this opportunity to catch up on some Melbourne posts. I love Indonesia and all but I do miss writing about freezing cold, black clothes-wearing and full-of-twats Melbourne. I also miss MoVida Bakery’s donuts, despite the fact that I only had my last one several days ago.


As some of you may know, MoVida Bakery is yet another pawn in Frank Camorra’s Spanish Armada. He has taken the Melbourne CBD by storm and has already expanded to Sydney en route South Yarra via his little bakery.


MoVida Bakery reminds me of Sydney’s Bourke Street Bakery in some ways – there is always a tempting array of fresh warm loaves, pies and sweet baked goodies to tempt you and there is always a friggin’ line. Granted, MoVida Bakery doesn’t quite have BSB’s reputation just yet so the lines are (thankfully) a little bit shorter.

And while it’s sacrilege for me to NOT order anything savoury at a bakery, this is what I did both times I was at MoVida Bakery.


I went with Michelé, Daisy and Ricky the first time. I asked for three donuts: one salted caramel, one lemon curd and one passionfruit. The salted caramel one was as delicious as the food blogosphere made it out to be – a crispy shell engulfed a soft, soft dough filled with gooey, sexy caramel with sugar crystals providing a lovely crunch. Meanwhile, the passionfruit filling was delightfully tangy and contrasted beautifully against the sweet crust. I wouldn’t know what the lemon curd one tasted like though because the guy gave me another salted caramel one by accident!


My second visit was just last weekend with some friends from the Gold Coast. Dom, Kate and I rocked up to Two Birds One Stone, only to be told that there would be a 30-minute wait. Not to worry, MoVida Bakery was only a few blocks away! We bought a box each and resisted the urge to eat them once we were finally seated at Two Birds One Stone.

Once I was home though, I went NUTS. Oh by the way, Daisy, you might have recognised your plate – I used it was the closest clean plate I had on me and it looked so pretty! I eagerly devoured the pear donut which was filled with a delicious vanilla-based pear cream and dotted with currants. It was beautiful. I was also relieved to find that there was actually a lemon curd donut sitting in there. If I thought the passionfuit donut was zingy, zesty and tangy in all its wonderfulness, then the lemon curd one was 10 times better in all counts. Wow. Unfortunately, I only managed a bite of it before someone at home (probably my brother) had his way with it as well as the salted caramel one.


Thankfully, I managed to salvage the best one.

Introducing the dossant.

The WHAT?!

Dossant. Donut-croissant.

What the?!

Yeah, I know. Mind-boggling, huh?

Created by New Yorker Dominique Ansel at his eponymous bakery, the donut-croissant hybrid treat has sent food bloggers (and quite possibly their cholesterol levels) into a frenzy. Dubbing her creation the ‘cronut,’ Ansel makes it using sheets of pastry dough that’s been moulded and then fried, filled and dusted with sugar. And that’s pretty much what MoVida Bakery did.

But they called it a dossant.

No matter what you make of it, it’s friggin’ good. REALLY good. And dare I say better than MoVida Bakery’s regular donuts. Mine had pastry puffier than P Diddy and crispier than Kris Kross. It was filled with a smooth, velvety curd that tasted like the lemon curd but not quite as tangy. Topped with freeze-dried raspberries, it is definitely my favourite sweet treat of 2013.

I’ve been to MoVida Bakery twice already but have yet to try their supposedly amazing lamb pies. But why would you when you can have donuts as amazing as these? Although they don’t come cheap (the dossant was $5 or thereabouts), they’re definitely worth every sugar crystal.

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  1. Ohhhhh they look soo soo good. Another good reason to head down to south yarra. Krispy Kremes move aside, smooth, velvety, puffy, crispy….Dossant that sound good.

  2. I think that cronut is an uglier-sounding word but “dossant” makes me think of a museum docent, so really no one is winning here.

    I’ve never been one for donuts, but I’ll scoop out the lemon curd and salted caramel fillings very happily.

    1. Yeah, those names don’t sound too nice, hey…

      I’m not a sweets person at all but even I got hooked on them and I reckon you will too 🙂

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