Calais Artisan Bubble Tea & Coffee (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Mall Taman Anggrek
Lantai 3 Unit 306B
Jl. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 21
Jakarta Indonesia
+61 21 5609 963

Disclaimer: libishski and her family were guests at Calais Artisan Bubble Tea & Coffee at Mall Taman Anggrek.

I’m not much of a dessert person but people are normally surprised when I tell them that I have a weakness for bubble tea. I used to have it 2-3 times a week but when Gong Cha opened on Swanston Street, I was drinking it every second day. So when I found out my cousin, Jess, bought a Calais  franchise in Jakarta, I was excited.

Calais is a newish bubble tea franchise in Indonesia – because we needed another one of those in a country that’s saturated with lots and lots of bubble tea franchises. The franchises include my favourites, Chatime and Gong Cha, both of which I can get in Melbourne. So what makes Calais different?


It sells pink balls.

By balls, I mean tapioca pearls of course.

Calais also prides itself as being an artisan bubble tea franchise, so you get fancy flavours such as ‘rock a salt’ tea (which I believe is the equivalent to Gong Cha’s awesome milk foam tea) and toppings such as fresh fruit pieces and mango pudding.


They also do coffees but because their main focus is on bubble tea drinks, the shop’s coffee-making skills are left unpolished. Thankfully for them, help was on the way in the form of my lovely sister Janice who was once upon a time ago, a barista. After showing the staff how to brew a non-sucky latte, they served two cups to my parents with black pearls in them.


Meanwhile, I ordered a bubble tea. Overwhelmed by the choices on offer, I panicked and chose a regular roasted milk tea with pearls, though in hindsight I should have tried one of their ‘rock a salt’ teas. Oh well, never mind. At Rp. 19,500 this was equivlant to AUD$1.95, making it much cheaper than a can of Coke. Although I did find it a bit too sweet for my liking and although I received black pearls instead of the pink ones I requested, I couldn’t really complain – after all, it was on the house (and even if it wasn’t, it was cheap).

While I prefer Gong Cha’s milk foam teas any day, I would actually choose Calais over Chatime Indonesia (which, for some reason, isn’t as good as Chatime Australia). I like the variety of flavours and having more options when it came to toppings. I also liked their cute logos (yes, I know moustaches are friggin’ everywhere now but still) and the positive messages they print on each cup is a lovely touch.

With more than a handful franchises around Indonesia, I don’t see Calais dying a quiet death. Although this entry might SEEM like a shameless plug for my cousin, rest assured it’s not and just try Calais for yourself if you’re in Jakarta.

I eat too much.


  1. Hannah
    May 3, 2013

    I really like the message on that cup. Aaaand I hope to one day see a peanut butter bubble tea somewhere.

    1. libishski
      May 10, 2013

      Speaking of peanut butter, Daisy and I had a peanut butter shaved iced dessert at a Taiwanese restaurant in Box Hill the other week – and I immediately thought of you x

  2. Daisy@Nevertoosweet
    May 6, 2013

    I love bubble tea 😉 But probably not as much as you do hehe ~ It’s so great that they have it Indonesia as well and SO SO SO much cheaper! It’s super expensive here in Melbourne….close to $6 but that’s not as expensive as Boost that’s nearly $8 or something like that!

    Really hope Gong Cha will open more stores soon and especially one in Westfield Doncaster then I will be able to go heaps hehe

  3. msihua
    May 11, 2013

    Love that little saying on the cup! Inspirational sayings are the best!

  4. Ricky FT
    January 18, 2016

    I’m opening Calais in Palembang, Indonesia! The first will be in January 22th 2016, and the second around the end of February!

    1. libishski
      January 18, 2016

      Hi Ricky,

      Nice one! All the best with your store openings and hope to visit soon! 🙂


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