Hong Kong Best Food

35 Carrington Road
Box Hill VIC 3128
+61 3 9898 6088

My friend Aaron had his birthday celebrations last night in Box Hill. Thus, it sort of seems natural that I’d write about the time I had a Hong Kong-style breakfast with Aaron. At Box hill.

We – that is, Aaron, his missus Cathy, our friend Dave (not my other friend, Dave, but another friend who, confusingly enough, happens to have the exact same name as the other Dave) – decided to go on a day trip up to Daylesford earlier this year. The plan was to meet up in Box Hill, buy some provisions, drive to Sunbury to meet our other friend, Tim, before hopping into Tim’s dad’s Navarra and driving to Daylesford for a day of eating, drinking and checking out random vintage stores.

As soon as the four of us reached Box Hill, we realised that we hadn’t had breakfast yet so we decided to indulge in a bit of cha chaan teng. Aaron suggested we go to Hong Kong Best Food, which is tucked away on Carrington Street, much to a bit of eye-rolling from Cathy and Dave. Aaron loves his Hong Kong-style cheap eats but I guess the other two were over it. Me? Well, any excuse to visit a new place was as good as any so I quickly agreed on HKBF.

Breakfast here is a simple affair. The waiter thrusts a laminated menu at you, you pick from a list of seemingly random dishes that contain eggs, instant noodles, toast, congee or a combination of those. In most cases, you get a milk tea or a coffee with your meal (in addition to the complimentary hot tea they give you at the start) – and usually for less than a tenner.


Cathy and I chose the same meal. For $7.50, we both got congee, steamed rice noodle rolls and a hot drink (powdered milk coffee for me, thanks).


There was a bit of a mix-up with my congee. I actually asked for a pork and century egg congee and the waitress thought I said combination congee (which comes with pork and fish cakes). Cathy corrected her in Mandarin … but in the end, I still got a combination congee. Sigh.

It didn’t really matter in the scheme of things though. My congee was burning hot and tasty. Not the best I’ve had but still pretty good, considering how cheap it was.


I did like the rice noodle rolls better though. They were lightly pan-fried, making them only very slightly crispy on the outside while the insides were still silky smooth. The dried shrimps gave it a bit of flavour – not that the rice noodle rolls wouldn’t have tasted just as good if it was only dressed in that lovely soy dressing and chilli sauce.

I can’t remember what the boys had; I didn’t take any photos of their meals and I didn’t try their food either (I must not have had my foodie game on that morning). I think they might have had toast. Regardless, I thought the food was good value for money and I can certainly why Aaron comes here more often than revellers get arrested for taking eccies at Future Music Festival.

If I worked in Box Hill, I could see myself coming here for breakfast. I can’t vouch for its lunch or dinner services, but I’m sure they do alright. And while the food won’t win any awards it’s nevertheless simple, cheap and will give you as much satisfaction as a $20+ eggs, bacon and brioche meal at an inner-city café.

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  1. Ohhh we come here all the time lol cuz Ricky really likes Cha Chaan Teng food I guess cuz he grew up eating it in HK 🙂 I like their breakfast options too and definitely a cheap place to grab breakfast, lunch or dinner hehe ~

  2. Lol we are using the same theme! Great freebie 😉 I did buy another theme from the same designer but it didn’t work too well for the beauty shizz.

    Anyways, I’m hungry again after reading your blog! I could so do with a bowl of congee!

    1. Yeah, it’s definitely a LOT nicer than a lot of the paid themes out there. I’m still trying to figure out how to make the main frame larger as half my photos keep getting chopped off and I want to get rid of the pink bubbles on top!

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