Sushi Gallery (Rotorua, New Zealand)

1230 Tutanekai Street
Rotorua, New Zealand
+64 7 348 2828

”Cause I know exactly what you’ll be, in his gallery.’ – Mario Vazquez

There aren’t many Japanese eateries in Rotorua and that is probably a good thing for Steven Kang, the owner of Sushi Gallery, which is probably the most popular one. Just like the driving test I finally passed the other day (in a manual! in Carlton! during school zone hours!), I will make this entry short and sweet.


Sushi Gallery is what Shuji Sushi, Sushi Sushi et al are to Melbourne office workers.
Most of these outlets operate during the day, before packing up to go home before the afternoon peak. The only difference here is that Sushi Gallery’s workers don’t have to deal with peak hour traffic (in Rotorua? Ha!) and the pace isn’t as hectic, given its location. At the end of the day, sushi packs are sold for a discounted price of NZD$5/AUD$3.97 a box so Marty and I decided to grab one each for a mid-afternoon snack.


We ate a mix of everything – tuna rolls, salmon rolls and California rolls, amongst others. I’d say that these were slightly better than Shuji Sushi (which, in my opinion, serve overpriced less-than-mediocre sushi) but given the choice, I’d go to Sushi Sushi. That said, you probably couldn’t find better sushi in Rotorua so definitely swing by if you really crave a salmon hand roll.

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    1. NZ was amazing – definitely worth a visit and the good thing is that it’s only a 3 hour flight from Sydney 🙂

      Let me know if you need dining companions when you’re in Melbourne too!

  1. YAY!!! Congrats Libby for passing your P tests 🙂 WOO HOO so so so happy for you!!!

    Oh damnnn that the sushi wasn’t that fab and not a lot of choices in Rotorua 🙁 But at least it was something for you to eat and keep you going ~

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