KK Malaysian Restaurant (Wellington, New Zealand)

54 Ghuznee Street
Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand
+64 4385 6698

It seems like there are quite a few Malaysians in Wellington. Yeah, I know I’m making a bit of a simplistic generalisation but that was my first impression as Marty and I roamed through Wellington’s windy streets during our two night stay there. Our taxi driver was Malaysian, a few of the stallholders I met at the Zest food tour were Malaysian and in the city, there seems to be more Malaysian restaurants than any other Asian restaurant. So when it came to choosing a restaurant for our final night in Wellington, we thought that it’d be good to see how the local Malaysian food fared. A quick google search led us to KK Malaysian on Ghuznee Street, one of the more popular Malaysian restaurants.


I didn’t take long to make my choice. I had been craving a nice plate of char kway teow (NZD$10/AUD$7.94) so that’s what I ordered. Ribbons of flat rice noodles served with chicken, fishcake, prawn and egg arrived in front of me quickly. It was a damn good char kway teow dish that was well-portioned and wok hei-ed.


Marty, being ever so indecisive, couldn’t decide what he wanted. He was eyeing the mee goreng but wasn’t so sure about it. He liked the sound of the nasi goreng, the laksa and less familiar dishes such as the wat tan hor. In the end, he chose the wat tan hor partly because he was pressured to make a decision quickly and also because he wanted to order something that he’s never had. In the end, his wat tan hor (NZD$10.50/AUD$8.33) was unanimously not as delicious as mine. Marty’s never had egg gravy before and he decided that he couldn’t quite get over the way it reminded him of ‘vomit.’ Meanwhile, I thought the egg gravy was pretty bland, thus ruining the dish. A dish that’s probably best avoided.

Despite the not-so-fantastic wat tan hor, we both thought KK Malaysian proved to be a worthy contender in the Wellington Malaysian restaurant stakes. The service was friendly and quick (given that we rocked up 15 minutes before closing time, I guess they were keen to boot us out so fair enough!), my char kway teow was lovely and the prices were very reasonable relative to what we pay in Melbourne. If I was a local, I’d definitely be visiting this joint the next time a char kway teow craving hits.

I eat too much.

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