The Remarkable Sweetshop (Queenstown, New Zealand)

The Remarkable Sweetshop (Queenstown)
39 Beach Street
Queenstown, New Zealand
+64 3 409 2630

I’m not someone who normally gets excited in candy stores (hah, can you imagine me as a little kid?) but Queenstown’s Remarkable Sweetshop (TRS) is an exception.


Named after The Remarkables mountain range and ski field, TRS is just as its namesake suggests: remarkable. For sweet lovers, TRS is what copper wires are to junkies in Melbourne’s west. That is, pure gold.


TRS came from humble beginnings in Arrowtown, a mountain village 20 minutes away from Queenstown. Since then, it has branched out to open a second store on tourist-y Beach Street on downtown Queenstown. I never got the chance to visit Arrowtown (ah next time) but I would have loved to visit TRS’s inaugural store after I’ve scoffed down a pie from Arrowtown Bakery.


TRS boasts an impressive range of imported lollies, enough to make any homesick Aussie, Yank or Pom expat weep in joy or a Kiwi just wanting his fix of Rashuns, Pinkie bars or gummy feijoa lollies.


They also have rows of chocolate truffles.


The homemade fudge, however, are the stars of the show. Made in-house, they’re creamy as hell and so, so delicious. Most of them go for NZD$5.80 (AUD$4.60) per 100 grams. You just pick as much as you want of any flavour and the shop assistant will weigh it up for you before packing it in some greaseproof paper. Not sure which flavour would tickle your fancy? The staff are always happy to offer you samples. We went here no less than three times during our stay in Queenstown and I’m pretty sure I went through more than half of the flavours on offer.


We’re not tight arses, of course. We did buy some fudge to nibble on for the duration of our trip. Pictured above are the maple nut, passionfruit, crème brûlée and apple pie fudges. We also had lemon meringue, tiramisu, caramel and coconut. My favourite ones were the maple nut fudge for its toffee flavours meshing well with the walnuts and the apple pie fudge, which almost tasted like a warm apple pie (and not the American Pie kind either). We also loved the passionfruit one for its tartness. I managed to take a box home for my family too (they have gift-wrapped ones available for NZD$22 for a box of four decently-sized squares) – my mum decided that her new flavour of the month was the Irish coffee fudge.

I may have had enough of fudge for quite a while but I wouldn’t hesitate to stock up on the stuff again the next time I’m in Queenstown. I loved every single flavour – even ‘boring’ chocolate was, let’s just say, remarkable.

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  1. i got super duper excited when I saw the title of this post 🙂 and it did NOT disappoint hehe FUDGE!!! Good fudge is hard to find and super delicious when it’s good fudge! I think my favourite out of your flavours would have to be maple nut i’m in LOVE with maple syrup hehe 😀

    Good on you for managing to bringing it home for your family 😀 because it’s quite easy for fudge to melt and become a mess >_<

    Totally putting this down onto my NZ list hehe ~

    1. Yeah, I was wary of the fudge melting but thank goodness NZ isn’t too warm so the fudge was fine 🙂 I will give you the creme brulee one to try when I see you on Wednesday!

  2. Oh nooooo I would have a terrible time picking the ones I want!!! HAHAHA 😀 and I totally agree with Daisy ^^^ good fudge is sooo hard to find!

  3. Fudge is one of those things I loved as a kid but these days tend to find tooth-achingly sweet. But I’d try maple nut fudge. I am living in Canada now, after all 😉

    1. Agree with you re: fudge being too sweet, I can only have a little bit every time. That said, flavours such as lemon meringue and apple pie aren’t overly sweet so I tend to eat more of those 😀

  4. I remember this place when I was in Queenstown 2 years ago and yes, the creme brulee fudge was divine! I didn’t buy any as I was too lazy haha Also loved ferb burger!!

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