Pho Dzung

234B Russell St
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 3 9663 8885

I’m slowly moving away from my blogging hiatus now that I’ve got no more uni work to worry about until next year (stressing over results won’t happen until December). Granted, it has been almost a fortnight since I submitted my last assignment for the year and you’d think that I would have started blogging much earlier. However, a nasty virus somehow followed me all the way from New Zealand (not talking about the All Blacks either) so I’ve been copping a nose that’s leakier than a tinny, a cough that’s drier than the Sahara and headaches more painful than these metaphors. I’m a lot better now after a lot of rest and water, as prescribed by the GP, but I should also credit phở for aiding in my recovery.

I’m not a fan of Melbourne CBD’s Vietnamese restaurants. At best, their food offerings are mediocre and the reasons why they’re survive is due to their location on Swanston Street and the fact that a lot of city dwellers can’t be bothered going to Footscray or Richmond for the real deal. That said, if you’re willing to walk 1-2 blocks to Pho Dzung, then you’re unlikely to be disappointed.

Pho Dzung has been around for as long as I could remember but I stepped into the unassuming shop front for the first time only last week, a remarkable feat for someone who spends most of her time in the city AND loves Vietnamese food. It is open from 9am through to 10pm every day which means that you can get your phở fix pretty much any time.

The first time I was there, I had the medium-sized sliced rare beef phở. At $9.90, you get a generous amount of beef and noodles which makes it a reasonably-priced meal. Hungry folk could hardly do worse at $10.90 for a large bowl and I am pretty sure they now have small bowls for $8.90. The broth might not have had a lot of depth and the beef was perhaps a bit too tender for my liking (yes, there is such a thing!) but it was otherwise a tasty meal. My favourite bit was the slippery ribbons of rice noodles which were perfectly al dente – probably the best I’ve had at any Vietnamese restaurant.

While Pho Dzung does not make it on my list of top Vietnamese restaurants, it is miles better than any of the other city restaurants. Its relatively ‘out of the way’ location means that it does not attract crowds like Mekong et al but hey, I prefer to enjoy my phở in more peaceful surrounds especially when I’m nursing a sore, sore head.

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  1. This used to be my pho spot in the city back in the day. Haven’t had pho in the city for ages, I feel a bit lonely eating there by myself haha 🙁 I bet if one of the better Richmond pho places opened up in the city until late, they would make a KILLING!

  2. Dear libishski,

    Somehow, I have never found a good pho in Melbourne quite like the ones in Sydney and I don’t think I’ll try Vietnamese if I am in Melbourne since there are so many good cafes there. Get well soon!

    1. You definitely need to go to Footscray, Springvale and Richmond. Melbourne CBD does not have good pho at all! What would be some of your favourite Vietnamese restaurants in Sydney?

      1. I went to one in Foostcray but didn’t like it. I heard pho in Springvale is the best although pho is so subjective and personal in itself. I’m not a big fan of Vietnamese but I love pho and my fave in Sydney is Pho An.

        1. True. I like my pho coarse and gritty while a lot of my friends prefer a clearer broth. Each to their own!

          Pho An… thanks for the tip. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out the next time I’m up there 🙂

  3. Congrats deare that you’ve finished everything 🙂 WOO HOO! Take your time and slowly ease back into blogging there’s really no rush!

    Oh I’ve never heard of Pho Dzung in the city, I think it’s really hard to find good ‘pho’ in the CBD but it is good value for money I think for a decent bowl of pho.

    Hope you’re feeling much better and I’m like you, I like to enjoy my pho in peace!

    1. Yep, I’m slowly easing back. I think it’ll take me a while as I struggled with tonight’s post (not this pho one, but the one about the arts centre). Oh well…

      Yeah, give Pho Dzung a go sometime! Probably not during the week for lunch but maybe for a post-work feed? 🙂

  4. Oh no you poor thing! Even though it’s getting warmer now, it still seems like a virus is going around…several friends have been down with it too.
    I wish I could spend most of my time in the city! I’m not there nearly enough…

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