Commune café (Gold Coast, QLD)

1844 Gold Coast Highway
Burleigh Heads QLD 4220
+61 7 5520 3377

If Surfers Paradise is glitter, fake tits and Hummers, then Burleigh Heads is the more relaxed and more Jack Johnson-y side of Gold Coast. It’s the part of town that schoolies tend to avoid and where all the surfies prefer to catch the perfect wave. It’s also home to many of Dom’s favourite eateries, including Commune Café, a popular left-of-centre breakfast joint that’s popular with those who appreciate good brunch fare where organic ingredients are king.

Saturday mornings are undoubtedly busy at Commune so we weren’t surprised to find a massive queue when Marty, Dom and I arrived on the wrong side of 11am. The breakfast gods must have been smiling upon us, though, for the big corner table in the back of the room soon vacated so we didn’t have to perch awkwardly on a shabby couch outside the café.

The coffee here is Campos and my latte was beautiful. It was lusciously creamy and sweet, and certainly one of the better places to get a decent cup of coffee on the ‘Coast.

The juices are also excellent. Marty ordered a red juice which contained ‘pretty much everything’ from apple to watermelon, from ginger to ginger and from beetroot to pineapple. The only thing they didn’t have was some mint which would have sealed the deal but oh well. Meanwhile, Dom had a less ‘busy’ juice but it didn’t mean that it was less tasty.

Dom ordered her default breakfast dish, the mixed mushrooms sautéed with garlic and thyme ($12) with a side of avocado for an extra $3. The fragrantly herby mushrooms – a medley of shiitake, brown and Swiss – are served on a thick slice of organic sourdough with crumbed Persian feta. I can see why Dom hardly strays from this dish – it’s earthy and creamy, and oh so delicious.

Marty ordered the eggs ‘bene’ ($15). This dish comes with a choice of bacon, ham off the bone or smoked salmon – no prizes in guessing which one he chose. He also requested a side of chilli jam (an extra $2) to bring a bit of sweetness and spice to the creamy house-made hollandaise.

It was a perfectly executed dish, with the poached eggs creating runny rivers down the bacon and wonderfully soaking the single sourdough slice. Meanwhile, the chilli jam was equal parts tangy and sweet, with a slight kick to it, bringing the dish together.

I very rarely order sweet breakfasts but I decided to order the blueberry pancakes ($12) because it came with ‘organic coconut ice cream’ (no two words get me more excited these days than ‘organic’ and ‘coconut’). The dish also came with sliced bananas and lots of maple syrup so I decided to add a side of bacon ($3) to diffuse the sweetness. Unfortunately, they ran out of coconut ice cream (more like, the ice cream was too hard so they took the tub out of the freezer that morning and ended up melting the damn thing, or something) so they made do with vanilla ice cream. Although the coconut ice cream would have made the dish so much better, this dish was still awesome in its own right. Yes, it was sweet and yes, it was decadent but it was delicious. Oh yeah.

Commune hit all the right spots – the service was friendly and the food was fifty shades of fantastic. I will be back for a take two of the blueberry pancakes (hopefully they will have servable coconut ice cream then!) and am looking forward to stealing a few forkfuls of Dom’s sautéed mushrooms.

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    1. Thanks Sophie!

      Haha I think it’s cos of the natural lighting (which is probably why my QLD photos are better than my Melb ones!). I have been playing around with manual settings too 🙂

      PS. Yes, but there are also awful, awful places up there too!

  1. That coconut ice cream would have been awesome!!!!!!!!!! but the pancake already looks amazing as it is! hehe I love to start my day with something sweet but tend to order savoury dishes when brunching. Can’t resist those darn egg yolks ;P

  2. This post makes me so excited to discover new breakfast spots with you in December. Starting my day with Libby chats and tasy brunches is going to be the best thing ever <3

  3. You made me very proud hahaha by ordering a sweet breakfast 🙂 WOO HOO WELL DONE!! Oh damn it would have been good with the coconut ice-cream but doesn’t matter ~ it still looks and sounds pretty good with the vanilla ice-cream 🙂 I don’t think I could ever get sick of brunch food 😛

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