Bagel Nook (Brisbane, QLD)

Shop 2, 100 Creek Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
+61 7 3220 3757

My second day in Brisbane started off grey and with light rain. Boo hoo. Ah well, I guess we can’t always be blessed with 27 degree days. Additionally, we can’t always be blessed with stumbling across places that make awesome food as my experience at Bagel Nook will attest.

Located in an alleyway behind the NAB building, Bagel Nook is one of many eateries that cater to the corporate breakfast crowd. It’s been a while since I’ve had a bagel and because I wanted something light for breakfast, I decided that this would be the perfect place for a feed before I was to spend the rest of the day running around Brisbane city.

The ham, cheese and tomato bagel is normally $6-something but a bagel and coffee combo was $7.70 so I got that. My latte was Merlo, the Queensland equivalent of Vittoria and my bagel was, let’s just say nowhere near as good as Glick’s in Melbourne. Authentic bagels? I couldn’t tell the difference between mine and the $6.50 ones they serve at Hudson’s Coffee. Boiled bagels? Pfft, more like hard and crumbly to me. Sure, the filling was tasty and sure, the bagel did sate my appetite for several hours that morning but I wish I had gone to the Roll Shop only a few metres down for some Vietnamese pork rolls instead (ah, the beauty of hindsight).

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  1. Viet rolls over bagels any day of the week. you deserved better. Even Maccas bagels look better them. Maybe this place should stay hidden :O.

  2. Oh what a shame about the bagel…I really hate places that use those hard and stale store bought bagels…and its not really cheap for $7.7…ohhh gonna write down Roll Shop so glad you go to Brissie so often cuz I can go to the places you recommend for food 🙂

  3. The only place to get good bagels in Brisbane is LaVosh at Red Hill. Oh and the Bagel Boys at Jan Powers farmers markets. Everywhere else = poo.

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