The Crosstown Eating House (Brisbane, QLD)

23 Logan Road
Woolloongabba QLD 4102
+61 7 3162 3839

I’m not a morning person but when you wake up to the sun shining on your face at 6am in the morning and the weather bureau tells you that it’s going to be 27 degrees in Brisbane, you know that this day is not going to be a bad one.

Such a joyous occasion calls for a breakfast treat so I hopped on a northbound train, got off at South Bank station and went for a pleasant stroll along Vulture Street. It wasn’t a terribly long walk by my standards but because it was already a good 21 degrees by the time I arrived at The Crosstown Eating House on Logan Street, I was sweating.

The restaurant itself is housed in a beautiful 1920s two-storey brick building on Logan Road, home to several of Brisbane’s antique stores and a short walk from the GABBA. Woolloongabba is one of Brisbane’s oldest suburbs so I think the restaurant’s outward charm works well here.

The restaurant is cool when I walk in. Temperature cool and appearance cool. The bar is decorated with old school Australian advertisements, posters and sundry knick-knacks which gave the place a homely feel. And while it is obvious that a lot of effort went into making Crosstown seem ‘retro,’ there was something about it that also screamed out ‘modern’ but I couldn’t quite figure out what.

With a copy of Queensland’s finest piece of journalism in hand, I sat on a table by the front window. After making small talk with a local sitting on the table next to me, my latte ($3.50) arrived. It was creamy and flavoursome – no sugar was required.

Crosstown’s breakfast menu has got to be the coolest one I’ve seen in a while. Melbourne may boast heaps of very good cafés but let’s be honest here, do we really need another café in Prahran or Northcote that serves poached eggs with smashed avocado topped with Persian feta? Or $10 bircher muesli? No. What we need are more places that serve fish tacos for breakfast.

Or more specifically, fish tacos ($16.90) with lamb cutlet (extra $5) on the side.

Yep, you heard me. The first café that will serve us open fish tacos before 9am will get my vote. To this day, I’m still dreaming about the fresh whiting fillets that have been floured and lightly grilled, and served with lots of avocado, black beans, fresh tomato salsa, sour cream drizzled with a bit of lime. Oh man. It was so fresh, so filling and so OHMYGAWD amazing that if I were to find a single reason to move to Brisbane, this would be it. Meanwhile, the lamb cutlet was tender and juicy and laced with a lovely cumin marinade; I couldn’t stop gnawing on the bone.

The other menu options sound delicious too. I like the idea of eating a bacon and egg roll with fries and BBQ sauce for breakfast ($15.50), which sounds less ‘weird’ than eating a rice dish this early in the morning, the pad kra pao which is a dish of pork mince, green beans and fried egg on rice ($16.50). However, I spotted quite a few regulars ordering the latter dish so maybe the thought isn’t so strange after all (FYI: I’m Indonesian so we traditionally eat rice dishes for breakfast but living in Australia has meant that my breakfast choices steer towards the ‘gweilo’ side).

Would I go back again? Yes, yes and yes! The Crosstown Eating House is now one of my favourite breakfast spots. With great food, an interesting menu and friendly service, this is a place that I’d be going every other week if I lived in Brisbane.
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    1. Me neither, especially after I had fish tacos at this now-closed restaurant in Surfers Paradise.

      Worst. Thing. I’ve. Ever. Had.

      This dish, however, restored my faith in fish tacos!

  1. Man that fish taco looks amazing. I have left myself a note in my iphone to go to this place for breakfast next time I am in Brisbane. Still think that $15.50 is a little steep for a Bacon and Egg Roll with Fries but I am from Cairns 😉

    1. I agree, especially since a bacon and egg McMuffin meal at Maccas would only set you back, what, $6-7?

      That said, if it’s really, really good, I’m happy to fork out for it 😀

  2. hehe I used to eat rice for breakfast most of the time before coming over here to study!! But now, I’m sticking to toast or cereal! I miss nasi lemak packets though… 😛

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