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109 – 111 Therry St
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 3 9804 7434

In order to detox my body and create a semblance of a normal sleeping pattern, I’ve decided to quit coffee for an indefinite period.

Yep, me. Quit coffee. The girl who can’t start her morning unless she has one cup of joe.

I am, by no means, a coffee addict (unlike my friend Rob who used to drink no less than three cups a day). However, you know when there’s something wrong with you when you feel your heart beat twice as fast as soon as you start your second cup for the day and when you can’t sleep until 1am on nights when you’re supposed to be at work by 7am.

So I decided that I was going to start a coffee detox this week.

Given that Sunday was to be the last day I was going to have coffee, I decided to make my last cup a good one. One of my favourite places in the city is Market Lane, opposite the Queen Vic market. I’m there every other weekend, grabbing a latte in during my lunch break or before a spot of market shopping.

The café itself is tiny, with no more than about eight spots to rest your bums hence why the majority of customers order takeaway. They don’t have a food menu either, but a tray of pastries are available for purchase if you want something to nibble on with your coffee.

I decided to forgo my usual latte on Sunday and opted for a filter coffee instead. Of the four blends they had available, I decided the Suiza one ($5.50) which was an El Salvadorian washed bourbon variety that was advertised as having ‘peach, raspberry and chocolate’ notes. Sounded good to me.

I placed my order and plonked myself by a just-vacated seat by the window and watched as several dozens of people ordered their lattes – and left within a matter of minutes. I was texting Marty (who was doing a hike on Mt Warning at the time) so it wasn’t before 10 minutes was up and the young couple who ordered before me had not only finished their lattes, but were in the process of leaving the premises.

I asked one of the bespectacled hipster baristas if my coffee was going to take any longer. While I understand that filter coffees do take a bit longer than espressos to make, 10 minutes was bordering on ridiculous. Even if these were the best coffees in Melbourne.

It turned out that the dude forgot my order (facepalm) but he quickly rectified it by making it on the spot and giving me a ‘tax rebate’ in a form of a free coffee voucher on my next visit. I don’t know of any Western governments that give out 100% tax rebates for anything but hah, I’ll take it anyway.

My Suiza was beautiful. The tangy raspberry notes were big on acidity and flavour and while I couldn’t really taste the peaches, I could definitely taste the sweet and slightly nutty chocolate finish at the end.

I think next time, though, I’ll stick to my usual lattes. I do like milk in my coffee and the barista is less likely to ‘forget.’ What I also like about this place is that the milk they use here is full cream and organic which means that your lattes are always going to be full-bodied and perfectly creamy. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about this but I’m from the ‘I don’t drink coffee unless it’s got full cream milk in it’ school so I’m totally fine with it. And hey if you want skinny or decaf, there is a Starbucks (or two) in the city.

The last time I had a latte, I chose the guest espresso blend, the Santa Barbara from Guatemala. $4 may be a bit much to some but I thought this coffee was worth every drop, particularly given they used organic milk. With equal parts cherry, chocolate and hazelnut notes, it was a beautiful blend that was naturally sweet, nutty and slightly acidic at the same time and akin to drinking a Cherry Ripe-flavoured coffee. Heaven.

My experiences at Market Lane (the city branch) have also been fantastic and the one time in which they stuffed up, the issue was quickly rectified without any dramas. Plus, I’ve never had a bad coffee here to date. It’s a place that I would be definitely be seeing more of in the future.

But for now, it’s time for me to say adieu to coffee.

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  1. Hahahaha good luck – most I’ve ever lasted is two months. After getting drained and exhausted from exams… cappucino bahahahaha

  2. This place makes me cream my pants…. come here as often as I can to get my coffee fix, given that the Alfred’s just a few blocks away. Double shot of straight espresso costs $3.50…. for the price you pay, quality can’t be beat. If you’re in the area, give Pink Ginger/Jus Burger nearby on Chapel a go… and kedai satay for their beef ribs…

    1. Haha this is the one in the city, opposite Queen Vic market. I haven’t been to the one in South Yarra but should probably pop by. And yep, I want to give Pink Ginger and Jus Burger a go too. Yum!

  3. I love coffee but have detoxed from it and no longer have it 🙂 Only as a treat once in awhile when I go out for brunch which is probably 1-2 times a month. Good luck with persisting with your detox!!

    1. My aim after this detox is to only have coffee 1-2 times a month too 🙂 I do like the taste and enjoy it when I’m out with friends but I just think 1-2 cups a day is a bit too much for my body to handle!

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