Carte Crêpes

Behind John Medley West building
The University of Melbourne (enter via gate 10)
Grattan Street
Parkville VIC 3010
+61 431 594 036

I just returned from an almost-one-week-long sojourn in sunny Queensland.

In due course, I will write about the French restaurant in Currumbin where the number of rubber thongs seen in one night outnumber the number of high heels seen in an entire week, the best ramen I’ve had so far in my life (in Brisbane, no less) and the time Dom, Marty and I ‘hung the f*ck out’ over Berkshire pork assiettes and toast-flavoured ice creams at Room 81 in Broadbeach’s Sofitel hotel.

But for now, my mind and this blog will be on Melbourne.

I find that the more I visit Queensland, the more I’m starting to ‘not mind’ the place. The weather is 10 times better than Melbourne’s weather, I love the friendly people there (with the exception for maybe one or two idiots) and the food scene actually doesn’t suck – if you know where to look. One thing I do miss about Melbourne, however, is being able to find a crêperie in almost every corner. Crêpes aren’t big in Queensland (the crappy crêpe stand at Pacific Fair Shopping Centre does NOT count) so it was no surprise that upon waking up this morning, I was craving a crêpe. Badly.

I had classes to attend this afternoon at uni and as luck would have had it, there is now a crêpe stand on campus. Called Carte Crêpes, the kiosk wasn’t there when I was a lowly undergrad so I’m guessing it is somewhat new. The brains behind this business are students Ben Vaughan and Liz Brumby who were driven by their love for food, travel and noble causes to create a crêperie on campus.

Carte Crêpes is more than just a better-than-Union-House pit stop for students to grab a feed, it’s a business that’s all about doing good for the environment and society as a whole. In addition to using homegrown or small-farm produce wherever possible, Carte also uses free-range eggs and their packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable.

I would not have heard about this place if it weren’t for the fact that it’s located behind the English Culture and Communications department building, where the majority of my classes are. This afternoon, I had planned to take a few photos of the kiosk but being the egg that I was, I forgot to bring the right lens. Thus, the following shots are of a bunch of customers standing awkwardly in front of the kiosk and of a few makeshift seats for customers to sit on while they enjoy their crêpes.

The first time I visited, I ordered a lemon and sugar crêpe ($3.80), the simplest of them all. I was looking forward to a simple buttery crêpe lightly seasoned with fresh lemon juice and sugar so I was surprised to received a massively thick crêpe. It took me a while to get used to the crêpe’s thickness, which resembled an American pancake rather than a French crêpe, but I decided that I didn’t mind it. And although I liked the fact that the lemon-sugar filling was made from scratch in-house and daily, I did find it a bit sweet and syrup-y for my liking (but that’s just me).

This afternoon, I decided to grab a caramel, melted chocolate and peanut butter crêpe ($6.50). Known as ‘The Snickers’, this crêpe is one of the crêperie’s most popular items and I can certainly see why. It might not look pretty but man, was it divine.

The thick crêpe layers enveloped gooey milk chocolate, generous chunks of crunchy peanut butter while neat river of salty caramel sauce snaked all the way through, collecting in a neat pile on the bottom of the paper cone. It was bad-arse delicious. I think I’ll be ordering this one again the next time I feel like a sugar hit before my 2:15pm Technical Writing and Editing class.

The crêpes may not be authentic and I do wish that there were some savoury crêpes on the menu to keep us savoury-lovers happy. That said, I’m glad that a place like this exists at my uni. I love that the service here is always friendly and quick and I love that Carte encourages ethical consumption and good environmental practices. Hopefully, the existence of Carte will encourage more student entrepreneurs to get on board and start opening up like-ventures around campus.

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    1. Really? That’s awesome! Now I know who to turn to for advice haha.

      I’m doing this subject as part of my masters course (well, soon to be a postgrad dip as I can’t be bothered doing the whole thing now) and so far, so good 🙂

  1. That doesn’t look like a crepe at all…it’s so thick! i agree with you… it kinda has the thickness of a pancake. i think i like my crepes the old-fashioned way… thin and light …hehe.

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