Marrickville Pork Roll @ Paddy’s Markets (Sydney, NSW)

Market City
Ground Level, 9-13 Hay Street
Haymarket NSW 2000
+61 420 966 368
+61 479 000 445

Also at:
236a Illawarra Rd
Marrickville NSW 2204

So I just realised I will be heading back to The State That Fails At State of Origin Competitions very soon and with that, guilt that comes from not having finished my Sydney reviews from two months ago. Oops. I was planning to push my Sydney reviews aside in favour of writing about various Melbourne blogger dinners, new city eateries and the time Dave  and I had dinner at Mr Mason and watched an entire wine shelf collapsed mid-way through dinner, almost injuring a poor diner who was sitting just below the shelf. However, I thought I’d get them done this week because my NSW readers rock. So first up, Marrickville Pork Roll: the Haymarket edition.

Marty and I were wondering around Haymarket one Sunday morning and serendipitously came across Paddy’s Market in Haymarket. The famous market was not on our list of places to visit that weekend (well, it initially was but we had to sadly cross it off our list, thinking that we wouldn’t have time to visit). However, as luck would have had it, one minute we were walking off our post-Din Tai Fung dumpling coma and the next minute we were staring at rows of Ugg boots, heavy metal CDs, soft toys and hot dog stalls.

But wait! What was this?

Did I just see a sign saying ‘PORK ROLL’?

Oh, I think I did!

Marty was quicker than I was, however, and before I knew it, I saw the idiot running up to the stall with his wallet out of his pocket. ‘Never mind the dumpling coma,’ he thought, ‘I have  to get a bánh mì!’

This stall is an offshoot of the original Marrickville Pork Roll stall which is in, surprise surprise, Marrickville. From what I know, there is a lack of Vietnamese dining (or snacking) options closer to the CBD so this stall is filling in the gap. I also liked the fact that while the stall offers your typical market snacks such as dim sims and chips, their main focus is on creating the perfect bánh mì for hungry market-goers.

At $4.50, the bánh mì here is more expensive than the most expensive bánh mì in Melbourne (my ex’s mother, for example, stopped going to Footscray’s Nhu Lan  as soon as they jacked their prices up from $3.50 to $3.80). It is also slightly larger too, almost as big as a slightly deflated Sherrin.

Marty loved his bánh mì, saying that it was packed with all the pickled carrot-y, pâté-y, coriander-y, spicy chilli and deli meat-y goodness. The warm, crusty bread roll tasted exactly how a fresh bánh mì from a bricks and mortar Vietnamese bakery would taste like but (thankfully) lacked the sugar content that Nhu Lan’s breads are sometimes guilty of having. That said, we both agreed that the pork rolls at Nhu Lan, like the Maroons last night, nipped Marrickville by just one point. Nhu Lan’s rolls have fillings that are slightly tastier, but only because the Marrickville version were stint on the pâté and the mayonnaise was a bit bland. Therefore, while Nhu Lan represents better value for money, we’d be very happy with a Marrickville pork roll whenever we’re in Sydney.

On that note, if Sydneysiders know a good place that makes decent Vietnamese pork rolls in or near the CBD, then please let me know below!

EDIT (23/07/2012): We went back a few weeks ago and had a completely different experience. The truck was run by a completely different person who gave us a pork roll that was filled with lettuce (WTF) and a mayonnaise that was water-y. The bread was verging on stale too. ‘Tastes like a glorified ham sandwich’ said Marty. After this experience, we will NOT be back.

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  1. Yeeeeaaa, paddys market this sat day pho sure.
    In Sydney, attending Hillsong conference (first timer, and loving every moment). Had a chance to try Chat Thai Thaitown. you must review this place. i love it. Amazing!

  2. I so wish they had Markets like that here, where I live 🙁 this little piggy says booooo!

    Also, we can’t seem to get a decent banh mi, either. Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend!!!

  3. I am very lucky as we have a tiny shop only 700 meters up the road from my house in Kingsgrove that makes a fantastic pork roll….oink oink weeeeee 🙂

  4. Mmmm, Banh Mi! Btw, I’m starting to get thefeeling that everyone is bastardising banh mi, even in springvale ugh!!!

  5. Being a major fan of pork rolls and having travelled to many places in sydney on countless weekends feasting on my favourite healthy (albiet at times depending on the quality of chillies -very deliciously spicy ) snack i’d have to agree that while marrickville is not bad it the rolls there tend to be very oily and ridden with fatty oils. However i would like to share with all readers who like myself are food lovers a hidden gem that sells ridiculously cheap (under $5) pork rolls and EVEN BETTER CHICKEN ROLLS!!! ( with their perfectly marinated and juicy chicken which is not oily at all !). The shop is located in the suburb of Ashfield called “Hercules Bakery” located on hercules street next to the station and i would definitely recommend readers to try out the amazing rolls there ( and dont forget to add chilli ) unfortunately im based abroad but whenever im back in town my tastesbuds will always drive me there ! 🙂
    Food Lover

  6. Totally agree the chicken rolls at hercules breadshop are totally amazing

    never soggy or wet, not oily and just simply awesome a must try !

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