Squires Loft (Gold Coast, QLD)

21-23 Robina Town Centre Drive
Robina QLD 4226
+61 7 5575 8850

I wasn’t planning to write about my final dinner in Goldie, which was at the Robina branch of Melbourne-based steak specialist, Squires Loft. There are about ten billion reviews of Squires Loft and its affiliate restaurants on this blog (okay, maybe three) so I initially thought that adding another one to the mix would be a bit too much. However, when you’ve just had probably the best steak in Queensland (so far), you can’t just not  write about it. Plus, my Queensland readers may not give a crap about my Squires Loft Melbourne reviews but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind reading a review of the Robina branch.

We were initially going to go to Maruya for dinner but a quick phone call confirmed that it was closed on Sundays so we decided on steak instead. It was drizzling when we rocked up the restaurant but otherwise, the evening temperature was lovely enough for Marty and I to sit outside under the covers and by the gas lamp heaters. And although Robina Town Centre’s website claims that the restaurant boasts ‘waterfront views’ the only water we saw was that of a little artificial body of water in the middle of the square which was too small to be considered a lake. Pfft.

But anyway, the service we received from the beginning was fantastic. Our waiter was a young half-Japanese guy who I would have totes had a crush on if I was eight years younger (showing my age here!). He was lively and engaging, but then again so were the other staff members. He openly approved of Marty’s choice of a bottle of Asahi (ah, whatever it took to get tips, right?) and didn’t laugh at me when I said that I was sick and just wanted ‘tap water, no alcohol.’

We decided to order a main each. We’ve dined at Squires Loft restaurants many times in the past so we pretty much know what’s good. Marty had the 1kg pork spare ribs ($51.50) which came with a generous serving of chips. His order raised a few eyebrows from the staff members which made me think that Gold Coastitutes are not known for ordering ribs in large doses.

His ribs were amazing, as expected. The tangy Squires Loft baste that the ribs were marinated in had soaked all the way through so that the meat, so lovely and tender, was not short of flavour. Because Marty is a machine, he did manage to finish the whole thing off. The waiters were all impressed but we shrugged modestly. After all, why WOULDN’T you want to attempt to finish such delicious ribs?

I had my usual choice, a piece of 200g eye fillet, cooked medium-rare ($32.50) with chips on the side. Now, I can never find fault in this dish whenever I dine at Squires Loft, I thought Robina’s version was fantastic. Yes, it was the same steak and the same sauce but for some reason, it tasted better than any of the eye fillet steaks I’ve had in Melbourne and I wasn’t sure why. I attacked my steak as ferociously as Marty attacked his ribs and although finishing it was a bit of a struggle (hey, I’m not a pig like Marty!), I did manage to finish it all.

Medium-rare perfection.

Steaks at Squires Loft are best served with mushroom sauce ($4), which is big enough to serve two.

I don’t know why but every time I dine at Squires Loft, I always order a side of fried onions ($8). For some reason, I always expect them to be similar to Hungry Jacks onion rings and am always disappointed when I discover that they’re just shreds of onions, dusted in flour and then fried, rather than crumbed. I’m such an idiot. Not that there is anything wrong with them, but they are kind of a waste of money when you think about it so I will remember to stay away this time!

Best ♥.

We used our Entertainment Book card to get a 25% discount off our meal, bringing the total down to $83 or thereabouts. This was pretty cheap for the quality of food we received. In fact, we thought that the meal was verging on TOO cheap. Not that it was a bad thing, of course, but still. Upon further investigation, I found out that prices at Robina are actually cheaper than the other Squires Loft restaurants (for example, I paid $32.50 for my steak here, whereas other restaurants charge $34 for the same thing). Weird.

Although I usually aim to try new things when I’m interstate (as in, things you can’t find in Melbourne), I can certainly see myself going back to Squires Loft if I want a steak. After all, I haven’t found another steak house that does great steak at decent prices (okay, maybe except for Moo Moo’s but they’re a lot dearer). Unfortunately, if google is to be believed then Squires Loft Robina is undergoing insolvency issues so it might not even be standing the next time I am in Queensland. I hope not though, otherwise it looks like I have to wait until I fly back to Melbourne to satisfy my Squires Loft cravings!

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  1. I lived in Robina for 6 months when IBM was paying my bills… I don’t think this was on the horizon at the time. The perfect Squires sauces are Mushroom and Blue Cheese – decadant and totally over the top – but isn’t that the whole point?

    Oh – and I will be driving Dale Ryder to a gig in Castlemaine on the weekend

    Never diss the Onion Skin!

  2. Perfect review,…as usual. Totally agree, I’ve never had bad service there. And their wine selection is so good. If I had to pick I would chose squires over moo moo’s. Been to Moo Moo’s 3 weeks back and they have really let their standard down. There are a lot of rips on the seats and the steak was good, but not squires good. Moo Moo’s entree was amazing though. (Prawns with a chilli finish) and so was the desert. Back to squires, they have amazing Boulevos! Glad you liked it! And long live the entertainment book!

    1. Hmm the only time I’ve been to Moo Moo’s was a year ago and, apart from the WTF entrees, thought the meal was great. I’m sad to hear that it’s not so good anymore. I guess it looks like I’ll be choosing Squires Loft over Moo Moo’s the next time I am in GC and feel like a steak!

  3. I didn’t know Squires Loft had a sibling in Goldie! I saw your steak photo before I read the location and though Squires Loft straight away, it looks exactly the same! I’m sad that it’s so cheap since we can’t get it for that price here. Love Squires Loft and the mushroom sauce is fantastic. 🙂

    1. Yeah, I think they have one in Perth too 🙂

      Although Squires Loft is slightly more expensive in Melbourne, I think it’s still pretty good value for what it’s worth 🙂

  4. Ribs… yes please! I do like Squires Loft down here in Melbs, good to know there is actually good food up in the Gold Coast. I found bugger all when i was there last year! 😛

  5. Awww… But I actually like that the onion rings are lightly battered because it’s so crisp haha. And yes, how awesome that this is there too. I love the Squires Lofts here in Melb and have had many good memories there… Ribs are SO good there mmmm

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