Elk Espresso (Gold Coast, QLD)

16 Chelsea Ave
Broadbeach QLD 4218
+61 7 5592 2888

Gold Coastitutes are generally pretty happy people but when it comes to 18-degree mornings, they are the biggest sooks. ‘Wah wah! Too cold! I hate this stupid weather!’ cried the chick at the facial place in Robina. ‘I’ve had to turn the heater on last night for the first time in ages,’ moaned a friend. But when despite the cold mornings (pfft) and despite the large patches of cloud in the sky, no so-called cold weather will ever keep the locals from rocking up to Elk Espresso on Saturday mornings in droves.

Located across the street from the Broadbeach Soccer Club, this popular brunch venue is never short of soccer mums coming in for their chai latte fixes during soccer matches. Elk Epresso’s milkshakes also brings all the boys to the yard – and literally too. During my meal there, I could see dozens of soccer uniform-clad boys happily order milkshakes after their games, but they’re not the only ones who love them.

I think their crème brulee thickshake ($7) is the most fantastic non-alcohol drink I’ve had in a long time. It was all shades of thickness, creaminess, sweetness and vanilla-y goodness all served in one tall cup, with a strong hint of caramel thrown in there and bits of white chocolate on top, y’know, just in case the whole thing wasn’t sweet enough. I don’t normally drink something so sweet, especially at such an early hour, but damn, this was fantastic.

Even though I preferred my thickshake over Marty’s ‘kick arse’ thickshake ($7), it’s not to say that his wasn’t great. Made with coffee, mocha and lots of ice cream, Marty’s thickshake was so luscious and delicious. I would definitely choose this over a crappy energy drink if I wanted a kick in the morning!

Gold Coastitutes seem to love their savoury minces so I wasn’t surprised when Marty decided to order the savoury mince served with sourdough and two poached eggs ($15), plus a side of bacon for a few extra dollars. Although goats cheese wasn’t on the menu as a side, Marty asked the waitress if they had it anyway and she was happy to check to see if the kitchen had any. They did, and we weren’t charged for it – how lovely of them! I had a bit of chuckle over the poached eggs as it was the first time I’d seen eggs cooked with a poached ring outside of McDonalds. Marty thought his meal tasted ‘a lot like spag bol, but in a good way.’ Now, my spag bol recipe usually comes with a bit more flavour so I wouldn’t have said the exact same thing. Still, I agreed with Marty in that it was ‘nice and filling’ and the side of goats cheese definitely pumped it up with a bit of much-needed extra saltiness.

Meanwhile, I had the brioche French toast ($15.50). You had the option of going with either sweet or savoury and it was obvious which one I chose. The savoury version came with maple syrup, bacon and chilli though sweet-lovers would probably be tempted by the stewed autumn fruits and ice cream that the sweet option offered. To be honest, I did find my savoury French toast on the sweet side. There was just way too much maple syrup – I would have preferred a lot less or at least, have the syrup placed in a separate container so I can adjust accordingly. I also thought the chilli flakes did not blend well with the sauce and reckoned that if the brioche toasts were crunchy rather than ridiculously soggy, the dish would have been a lot better. Thank goodness, then, for the crunchy bacon pieces.

Although our meals weren’t terrible, they certainly weren’t the best Gold Coast has to offer. That said, our thick shakes were amazing and certainly, some of the lunch options available looked enticing enough for us to return. Plus, I am willing to bet that the coffees here are all right too. The wait for a table can be long on Saturday mornings, but if you pick the right dishes and order a milk shake you can’t really go wrong.

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I eat too much.


  1. Aw yah! That sounds awesome. Crème brulee thickshake – – – – bring it ON! Braaaang it!

  2. ironchefshellie
    June 25, 2012

    Okay, first up, 18 degrees too cold? Sheeeesh!!

    Second… you had me at creme brulee thickshake…. I don’t think this is a combination I will be forgetting in a hurry. I must have this!

  3. Daisy@Nevertoosweet
    June 25, 2012

    OMG that creme brulee thickshake!!! I WANT ONE 🙂 I really want to try ittttttt ~ lol the poached eggs are a little weird…because it’s not the usual type but still breakfast looks good 😀

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