Brim CC Japanese Organic Café

2/601 Little Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 9629 6794

I’ve been very naughty over the last few weeks. I have not been to the gym at all, I haven’t been setting aside time to bake, I’ve fallen so behind on Glee episodes and I’ve been eating all sorts of junk. I’ve not only eaten more cups of instant noodles in a month than I have in five years, I’ve averaged no less than 150 grams of potato chips per evening. Ugh! As much as I do enjoy the odd McDonald’s breakfast meal, Maccas four times per week is just ridiculous. Thus, I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to eat cleaner and more healthier foods.

My goal was off to a good start last night when I decided to give Rose Garden’s salted duck fried rice, a dish that I had been craving during my evening class, a miss. Instead, I decided to suss out Brim CC, a Japanese organic café on the arse end of Collins Street. Japanese? Yep. Organic? Oh hells yeah!

A popular lunch spot with the corporate types, Brim CC (WTF name?) is also popular for those wanting a cheap, hearty Japanese dinner minus the MSG and boringness that too often occurs in many inexpensive Japanese eateries around the city. It was just past the dinner hour when I rocked up, but the place was still half full. It was cold outside so the obvious thing to choose was a Japanese curry on rice, though the soups also sounded tempting – even though flavours such as borscht, oyster chowder and pot au feu were decidedly not Japanese. In the end, I chose a half curry and salad set, which consisted of a bowl of chicken and tomato curry on rice (beef was the other curry option) and either a teriyaki chicken, tofu or potato mayo salad – I chose tofu. It was a steal at $9.50.

If that was a half bowl of curry, I’d hate to know what a full bowl ($9) looked like. My chicken and tomato curry was fantastic – it was delicious, hearty and most impressively, clean-tasting thanks to an organic vegetable master stock. Apparently, the soups also contain the same organic stock so I have no doubt that they would also be fantastic. Meanwhile, my tofu salad, which contained only the freshest ingredients, effortlessly cut through the rich curry sauce. A small tub of soy sesame sauce was provided for a bit of extra flavour but to be honest, I thought it was perhaps a bit too salty and one-dimensional.

My meal was the perfect end to what was a long and stressful day. I was left feeling very full, very satisfied and very pleased about not bloating, despite consuming a curry. Okay, so this may not be the healthiest meal in the whole world (salt content was not minimal) but it’s a MASSIVE change from what I’ve been eating. I will definitely return to try their long lists of soups during winter as well as their sushi rolls in the cooler months. And if I’m feeling like a bit of non-Cadbury chocolate sugar? I’ll order a buckwheat pancake topped with seasonal fruits, cinnamon and organic honey, thanks. Not everyone needs a bosom for a pillow, but they certainly need a cheap Japanese eatery that churns out down-to-earth ORGANIC dishes!

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! I’ve been so so so bad lately! There was a time last year when I was going to the Gym 3 times a week and had 2 PT sessions but lately…it’s just been a bit too crazy LOL I’ve just been pigging out every single day…and i blame that on having a really shitty week…but really I’m just lazy so I know what you mean by waiting to cleanse and eat well 🙂 I like cheap, healthy and yummy places hehe even thought this place has a weird name hehe at least it was delicious and non-bloating food 😀

  2. Today I ate about 30 pastilles of chocolates from The Chocolate Box. For breakfast. Dinner was dumplings from Shanghai Street (La Trobe St branch). Supper was pasta. Talk about unhealthy and unhealthy. Tofu salad looks good!!!!!! I love tofu

  3. I haven’t been to this place for ages!! Last time I went there was over a year ago (

    I’ve been meaning to go back, but the walk is just a touch too far to manage comfortably in my lunch break (although the exercise has gotta be good right?) And your reminder that it’s organic came at the right time so I think I’ll give it another shot.


  4. I’ve been eating pretty badly too… just time pressed I guess but this does look like a better alternative to Maccas lol curry does sound and look good for this cold wet weather 🙂

  5. Switch “150g of potato chips” for “an entire jar of peanut butter every two day” and I’m right there with you. Stressful times suck.

    That said, I’ve willingly given up on Glee, because it bores me to the depths of my soul these days.

    Yay for happy calming food after crappy days!

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