No Name Lane (Gold Coast, QLD)

Elizabeth Ave
Broadbeach QLD 4218
+61 7 5538 5521

As much as I love my second home Gold Coast, even with its inherent tackiness, it’s often hard to find good cafes there. While I don’t fly all the way to Goldie for the sole purpose of finding good coffee, sometimes there will be days when all I need is a cup of DECENT coffee and some delicious breakfast fare to boot. While I have come across decent cafés in the land of sun, surf and bolt-ons, there are times when I chide myself for taking Melbourne’s café culture for granted; good cafés in Goldie are, by large, hard to find. Thankfully, however, Gold Coastitutes are starting to appreciate a good brew and consequently, places such as Starbucks no longer have a monopoly over coffee in trendy Broadbeach.

A place that’s definitely worth trying is No Name Lane, a newish café that’s situated in a lane which actually has a name – Elizabeth Avenue, for those interested. The space isn’t very big with only a dozen of spots inside and wooden stools outside, which means that snagging a table during the peak period can be difficult. Luckily, it was raining the morning we went so only a handful of brave souls made the Saturday morning rush. It was still packed inside but fortunately, there was a wooden crate and two stools outside for the taking. After telling Marty to stay outside, I order our stuff at the counter, reading off the little chalkboard menu.

Our lattes ($3.50) arrived pretty quickly. In a city where things move at a slow pace (if it’s not the idiot motorists, then it’s the council workers who take YEARS to complete a single road project), this was a pleasant surprise. What was also pleasant about this coffee was the taste. The organic beans, which come from local coffee roasters, Black Sheep, were full of flavour which meant that no sugar was needed. Not only that, our lattes were beautifully textured and had more body than Aishwarya Rai’s post-baby body. Definitely up there with the best coffees on the ‘Coast.

Marty ordered the New York rare roast beef sandwich ($9.50), which wrapped prettily in paper and twine. It came with a dollop of horseradish cream, baby rocket leaves and Roma tomatoes. While we both gave it props for its gorgeous presentation, Marty did say that it wasn’t the best sandwich. Don’t get me wrong, it was a fresh and tasty but it just lacked a little something (extra horseradish cream for more kick? crunchier bread? more twine?). Marty thought that, at $.950, one would expect a sanga that was better than anything that he could whip up at home…

Forgoing the banana bread with vanilla bean espresso butter, I went for the free range truffled eggs and Bangalow ham on toasted brioche ($10.50). Truffled anything went out of food fashion quite some time ago so goodness knows why I decided to go with that. Regardless, my breakfast wasn’t too bad. They run out of brioche, which was a bummer, so I made do with sourdough instead. They were certainly generous with the portion size which meant that I was able to go light at lunchtime. The ham, made with Bangalow sweet pork was delicious and admittedly didn’t pair up too badly with the earthy truffled eggs. I did, however, feel that there was too much mayonnaise and truffle (and the artificial kind) mixed in with the eggs, thus making my breakfast unnecessarily rich.

We loved our coffees and will definitely stop by for takeaway lattes next time – maybe on our way to Mme Grenouille where we’ll be getting some French pastries. And although the food certainly wasn’t bad, there are better places in Goldie to have breakfast in.

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I eat too much.


  1. hotlyspiced
    May 17, 2012

    The prices here seem really reasonable and that does look like a well presented and yummy looking sandwich so it’s such a shame it was dry and lacking in flavour. What a shame we didn’t know you would also be at the Prince concert – we could have met! We were right up the back and facing the stage – great seats but definitely just part of the enormous crowd xx

  2. Em
    May 18, 2012

    What a shame the food wasn’t as good as it looks. I love Bangalow pork, I really should see where I can get it down here.

  3. Daisy@Nevertoosweet
    May 18, 2012

    Looks like a great place to have coffee ~ funny how you said that things there are quite slow hehe cuz most of my friends from HK think it’s slow in Melbourne too which is silly… lol I really like how they’ve wrapped the New York Sandwich 😀 and I agree with Charlie even though food wasn’t the best it is reasonably priced which is always nice hehe

  4. Hannah
    May 18, 2012

    Wait, you mean you actually go QLD for your boyfriends, not coffee? Lady, you have to get your priorities in order. 😉

  5. Your truffled eggs does look like it’s drenched in mayo, which is never a good thing I suppose…Too bad the food didn’t turn as as good as they look, which is often the case it seems. I’ve had heaps of these experiences, but not in the Gold Coast…I hardly went anywhere when I was up there last…:(

  6. Yes sometimes you just need a good cup of coffee or tea! Your breakfast is enormous and I love mayonnaise (although that does look like possibly too much).

    May 23, 2012

    Blondy in 1st. photo looks cute!

    Whats with the twine, smells of try-hard?

  8. […] may be deserted at the best of times, but it does house some decent eateries and drinkeries. No Name Lane is there for those who wake up early enough for breakfast while those wanting a bit to drink […]

  9. […] may be deserted at the best of times, but it does house some decent eateries and drinkeries. No Name Lane is there for those who wake up early enough for breakfast while those wanting a bit to drink […]

  10. BeanBrewding
    June 30, 2013

    Great review – went to No Name Lane on the weekend & the coffee was delightful


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