Chinese Jin Dumpling House

162-164 High Street
Kew VIC 3101
+61 3 9853 8301

It seems like all I’ve been eating these days is pho and dumplings. I don’t know why, but those two dishes are essentially the only thing I feel like eating when I eat out these days. Probably because they’re cheap, no-fuss and so damn delicious. Can you blame me? That said, I still have a backlog of non-dumpling and non-pho places to work on but for now, here’s another review of yet another dumpling restaurant. And hopefully the last one for a very, very long time (… no promises, though).

A few weeks ago, I decided to tram it up to Kew to get my dumpling fix at Chinese Jin Dumpling House. Earlier in the year, everyone’s favourite food critic, Larissa Dubecki, gave it a positive review in The Age. It would have been a good review too if it weren’t for the fact that the idiot has NO knowledge of regional Chinese food, and assumes that anything that is Chinese in Australia MUST be Cantonese. Fact-checking fail. Fairfax, please get your act together and hire writers who actually know what they’re talking about! Anyway, it was dead quiet when I rocked up one Saturday afternoon after a session at the gym, followed by a massive impulse shopping spree at Toscano’s (oops). Apart from an elderly couple sitting by the wall, there were no other signs of life in the dining room. I’m guessing that they draw more of a crowd during dinner.

It goes without saying that dumplings rule the very modest roost here. In addition to staples such as pork and cabbage, and chicken and chive dumplings, more unusual offerings such as lamb dumplings are offered. On the day I went, I choose a plate of fried pork, prawn, egg and leek dumplings (12 pieces for $11.80, or 16 pieces for the same price if you decide to have them steamed).

They weren’t bad. There was an even spread of pork mince and chopped prawn in each dumpling, intertwined with bits of egg and chives (which they called ‘leek’). The skins were thin and crispy, but lacked that little bit of puff that I like to see in my dumpling so I’ll take minor points off for that. They also didn’t have chilli oil available (which would have made the pork and prawn filling taste Michael Clarke triple-century-OMG-amazing) so chilli sauce and vinegar had to suffice.

It’s a nice enough dumpling restaurant, with a great selection of dumplings and I can certainly see myself coming here to work my way down the menu if I lived in the area. Unfortunately, Kew is a bit of a hike if you’re relying on public transport (hopefully this will change very soon as I will be taking my first manual driving lesson tomorrow morning!) so I can’t see myself making a return visit unless I have other business to attend to in the area. Hmm, maybe another ‘impulse shopping’ spree at Toscano’s should be on the agenda?

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  1. Dumplings are ok considering lack of decent options around here. Hell, I don’t think I’ve ever had good ones in Melbourne but theres still a couple of places I’ve yet try.

    Also I would only order dumplings here. I went with some people for a bday dinner and all their other food was really westyfied, way too sweet and not spicy at all. We did order stuff that the non spicy lovers would like and my fellow diners all really loved it so I guess it depends on what you order if you want Ozzie-Chinese or real Chinese.

    According to Larissa the menu is written in Cantonese ???

    1. You’re right, there is a lack of decent options around Kew (dumpling-wise), though if I lived in the area, I’d be one of those people who’d drive 10 mins to Box Hill for dumplings :p

      Yeah, their non-dumpling dishes do look Westernised – and they were pretty expensive too for what they were worth.

      And haha, the menu could have been written in Japanese for all she knew, and she would have still said that it was written in Cantonese :d

  2. Huh, these are super close to me! Considering I do drive and Kew Junction’s about 3 minutes away from me I really should have visited…shame shame. They don’t look too bad 🙂 Have fun with the driving lessons, good luck!

  3. When we went last year, especially to eat dumplings, they had a limit on how many serves we could order! You wouldn’t expect a place that calls itself a ‘dumpling house’ to limit the amount one can order! Maybe they couldn’t handle a table of 7 hungry dumpling lovers on a Sunday afternoon!

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